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Teaching a text for an "Extended Study" for A2 EdExcel - Help please!

Discussion in 'English' started by sunshine1823, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. um, i teach edexcel - what do you mean by the extended study? there are two modules at A2, one is exam based - students study three texts, one post 1990, and compare/contrast them etc. the other is coursework and again, students have to study/compare/contrast three texts ...
    and what text do you refer to? there are three prescribed texts for the exam (but you can choose from a very wide range) and you have free choice of three for the coursework.
    if you let me know exactly what module you are referring to i'll try to help
  2. lighthouse_keeper

    lighthouse_keeper New commenter

    Hi sunshine, thanks for your reply. Sorry not to be clearer, I meant the coursework based one. We'll be doing the Woman in White for the coursework and then we let the students choose two others (but we make recommendations).
    I'd be grateful for any advice! Thanks in advance [​IMG]
  3. hello,
    i've just uploaded some materials for you. most useful may be the two different schemes of work which may help you to decide how to teach it.
    in very simple terms ... i'd start with contexts, then read a bit of the first text, analyse it for lang/form/structure, then introduce theirother texts and get them to compare. then read some more then compare some more ... then add in a lot of critical material. give them a detailed structure for their essay so they ensure they hit all the AOs.
    we have classes of 20+ but still like to give students free choice if they want to - tho we do limit their choices. however, they usually choose to do similar things to one another which means we are then able to plan lessons around each of the texts.
    i have lots of other materials which cover different texts - i do something different each year - i'll dig it out and let you have it ....sorry if this is vague, it's the holiday!
  4. lighthouse_keeper

    lighthouse_keeper New commenter

    Hi sunshine,
    Wow! Thank you very much for this, I'm very grateful - thanks for taking time out of your holiday to reply and give me some help!
    I'll download these documents now. If you do find anything on the different texts that would also be great, thank you.
    Cheers for this! [​IMG]
  5. Hi lighthouse_keeper,

    I too, will be teaching Edexcel's English A level for the first time this year, and am struggling to find schemes of work for the texts I'm teaching (have never taught these particular texts before). For Unit 3, I will be teaching Captain Correli's Mandolin, Rapture (Carol-Ann Duffy) and Metaphysical Poetry.
    Do you know anyone who is teaching any of those texts?
    And did you manage to find any resources/ advice on teaching Unit 4 (the coursework-based extended study)?

    Cheers :)

  6. lighthouse_keeper

    lighthouse_keeper New commenter

    I have sent you a message to your inbox about this - I will have a colleague doing Rapture so can ask her, and have some ideas I picked up off this forum - see my message for more details :)

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