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Teaching A-Level

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by ndm85, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. ndm85

    ndm85 New commenter

    I'm going in to the 3rd year of working at the school that I am currently at. I work in a department of 6 with 1 member of the department being part-time. I started in the department that I'm in at the same time as another person. We weren't given any A-Level classes for the first 2 years but all 4 of the other teachers had either Year 12, Year 13 or even both. I thought this was fair enough to be honest. However, on my first day back at work I've come to find out that the person who started in the department at the same time as me has got a Year 12 class. I still haven't been given an A-Level class. And I'm now the only person out of 6 to not have an A-Level class. I'm actually the joint most experienced teacher in the department as well and more experienced than the person who's been added to the "A-Level team" this academic year. I'm really disappointed about this. What annoys the most though is that I wasn't even asked if I would like to teach A-Level. It's almost as though it's all been kept secret from me, which I don't like. Am I being irrational? Or is it fair to feel how I feel about it right now?
  2. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    I am afraid that your horse has probably bolted for this academic year. Did you make a point of discussing this with your HoD? Have you discussed your career and professional development with the HoD, either as part of the appraisal process or separately?
    As a HoD I'd always expect to discuss allocations while the timetable is being constructed, but would also explain that timetabling is a bit of a dark art and we can't always get exactly what we ask of the timetable sorcerer.....
  3. TheGeographyShop

    TheGeographyShop New commenter

    I would suggest speaking to your HOD directly and making it clear that you would like A-Level teaching in the future, especially if you genuinely feel like you want to do it. On the plus side, no coursework marking ...
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  4. rossjsy1

    rossjsy1 New commenter

    Hi sorry about using this thread but I am trying to get a hold of TheGeographyShop directly. Is there any way to do that. Apologies again I'm new to TES.

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