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Teaching a different subject

Discussion in 'Career clinic' started by ForThoseInPeril, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. ForThoseInPeril

    ForThoseInPeril New commenter

    My current teaching post is soon to disappear, as the subject will no longer be taught in my school, the subject is in demise nationally and very few opportunities arise in my area. It is likely that vacancies may arise in my current school in some other subjects. What routes, if any, are available to fast-track to a different subject (most likely a shortage subject).

    My apologies in advance to subject specialists who may view this concept as me asking about "dilutey" teachers (Similar to time served tradesmen and fast-track tradesmen), however in my defence I am a qualified teacher and throughout my career i have had to learn new curriculum content anyway.

    There seem to be SKE courses available, however I am not sure if these are suitable (or designed with teachers like me in mind).

    Alternatively should I accept the inevitable and look for a non-teaching career, remembering to read @TheoGriff s Possible Other Careers thread.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter


    It depends what your degree subject is. There may be other subjects that are akin to that. Drama, for example, could give way to English if you have some English in your degree.

    The TES Institute - the last option on the very top of the page - does SKE. You can do them by paying for them yourself - the bursary is for people doing them as part of ITT, which you won't be doing. They say:

    Please contact us on 0800 088 6126 to discuss self-funded options.

    So try ringing them to ask if you can do this.

    HERE is a list of the subjects and fees - scroll down the page.

    Best wishes

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  3. kodachrome

    kodachrome New commenter

    I trained in one subject but have never taught it really ( until now). I couldn't find a post in my area after qualifying so took an RE post and eventually became a specialist via an MA and 15 years of teaching it. I now teach another completely different subject. It was part of my degree and one that I have interest in. I would ( if I was interviewing) be happy to interview anyone whose application showed capability and passion. ( Obviously there are limits, after a few glasses of wine I am an expert on many things...but as we know a teacher that does not make!)

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