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Teaching 2D and 3D shapes ideas please

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by pgcePCET1617, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. pgcePCET1617

    pgcePCET1617 New commenter

    I need some fun ideas on how to teach pre- entry level 2 learners about 3D and 2D shapes. I also wanted to incorporate measuring Into this lesson.

    Any ideas welcome.

  2. lynn3003

    lynn3003 New commenter

    We recently explored 3D and 2D shapes at my school. There were the usual activities like going on a shape hunt in the classroom, sorting shapes for both 2D and 3D.... but my personal favourite was when the kids used various materials (legos, wooden blocks, plastic construction toys, etc) to build a dinosaur - we've also been exploring dinosaurs - we would ask the kids to identify the shapes of individual pieces as they went along.
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  3. jamesjosephrogers

    jamesjosephrogers New commenter

    Maybe look at something like simple 3d modelling (sketchup, 123Design, etc) so that you have a top view (2D) but then you can move it down to show that it's 3 dimensional
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