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teaching 1 day a week on a term long contract - can I do any of my NQT induction?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by oxymoronic, Dec 16, 2011.

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    I've had a
    wee look around for threads on this as I'm sure I've seen something before but
    I now can't find it and google isn't being much help either. I'm a primary NQT
    (qualified in July) and I'm yet to get a post where I can start my NQT year. I
    have been doing supply this term for an agency and they've just called me to
    say that they've got some work for me in a school that I've been to a lot and
    really like which will start in January. I was originally reluctant to take
    something more long term on supply as I wanted to keep my options open for
    applying for jobs direct to a school, but this is PPA cover and it’s at a
    school where I'd ideally like to keep my foot in the door in case a proper
    teaching post did come up for Easter or September, so I'm willing to do it.

    it seems that the person who normally does the PPA cover has gone off sick and
    definitely won't be in school for the first two weeks of term in January, so I
    will be there full time then. They've also said to me that depending on what happens
    with this person, the full time role from the first two weeks could become a
    more permanent thing. They've also asked me if I can do every Friday until
    Easter as PPA cover for an NQT in the same school which is basically a job
    share with someone else.

    essentially, at the moment I am doing the first 2 weeks of term as a full time
    role and then I have a contract for one term which is one day a week but as I
    said, this could become more days but I won't know until I've started. Am I
    eligible to do any of my NQT induction? From what I understand from reading
    things on here, NQT induction is applicable if a contract is for 1 term or more
    in the first instance. I know you can do your NQT year part time, but does
    doing 1 day a week count as part time or would I have to be contacted to do
    more days than this for it to count? The supply agency didn't mention it over
    the phone and it’s only just dawned on me now after finishing the conversation
    so I've been trying to find out online.

    I fully
    realise that doing an NQT induction when I might only be working 1 day a week
    could get incredibly messy, particularly if I am doing PPA cover (I'm a
    languages specialist, so I think its language teaching) and I have to admit
    that it isn't something that I'm over the moon about because it would be really
    odd being observed teaching someone else's class. HOWEVER I also feel I need to
    think of the long term aspects and do some investigating because I know if I
    don't do it myself then no one else will do it for me!

    From what
    I've read it seems NQT induction can't be done retrospectively and I know that
    if I am in a role where I am eligible for it then I am entitled to have this
    work count towards my induction. Therefore, if I am eligible then I want to do
    it because I would be really angry at myself if I ended up taking the post full
    time or it became 2 or 3 days a week and I hadn't discussed induction with
    anyone as then I would have lost the time I had already done. Basically, I do
    not want to end up in a position where come Easter I have been working in this
    school either full time or doing more than 1 day a week full time and I've then
    missed out on what could have been a term (full or pro rata) of my NQT year.

    If anyone
    can help me it would be really appreciated. I want to have my facts exactly
    right before speaking to the school and the supply agency about it as then they
    can't fob me off telling me I'm ineligible or it isn't worth it. If I'm not
    eligible then that's cool and life goes on, but I want to be sure!

    Thanks :)
  2. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    The one day a week thing will count as induction as long as the school start it from the beginning of term. It would just take you 5 years at that rate to complete induction.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You should be registered as an NQT on Induction with the LA if you will be required to plan and assess a regular timetable for at least a term's length (even part-time).
    There may be an issue if you are not covering literacy and numeracy ina Primary school though.
    As to whether the post will last long enough for one Induction term to actually be completed is debatable. You would need to be there for 5 terms doing 1 day per week to complete one Induction term. If it doesn't last that long you are back to the start line again.
    The time period on Induction would be shortened if you secured another p/t Induction post to run alongside this one. The LA would work out when you'd done enough combined service to complete an Induction term.
    If on Induction, you'd be entitled to a 10% timetable reduction on top of PPA allowance yourself. they could either give you that as just under an hour of non-contact per week or , if they needed you to be teaching for a full day they could contract you for a day + an hour's pay and an Induction term would then take under 5 terms to be completed.
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    NQTs can do PPA cover but it may not be eligible for Induction.
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Ib most primary schools the permanent teacher does the Numeracy and Literacy every day and the cover teacher (or the TA these days!) does Art or PE or RE or cookery etc in the PPA time.
    If it's an NQT doing that cover and the subject matter is not varied enough to allow them to meet the standards for a teacher for KS1 or 2, the post may not be allowed as an Induction post and the newly qualified teacher will not get the extra 10% timetable reduction ... and if it's their first post it will start the clock counting down on their 16 month supply allowance

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