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Teachers writing IEPs

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by joolzpop, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. As a SENCO I monitored IEPs and gave support to less confident staff in writing them if they wanted it. I'd maybe ask the head if you could be freed up for a couple of extra hours given the SEN-heavy nature of your class. Tell them you want to make sure their targets are meaningful rather than a purely paper exercise. I don't know how old your class are but could TAs help by discussing possible targets with pupils?
  2. Ours is a small special school (60 children), we have a staff meeting once a week, and once a term one of the meetings is given up so that we can write our IEPs. Could you suggest something similar to your head?
  3. alm721

    alm721 New commenter

    what if a child is on school action plus and has recommendations from salt or ot for example. Shouldn't their recommendations also be considered for an iep and would the class teacher necessarily have all this info? Is that not in the senco's capacity?
  4. Well of course if an external agency is involved with the SENCo, then there needs to be SENCo involvement in the IEP writing but I was referring to the next steps in learning rather than specialist advice.
  5. Hi,
    My own slightly cynical view after 38 years in the classroom has always been ....

    The IEP was introduced to slow to a snails pace a deeply flawed process down.
    ie The Statementing and subsequent cost this would have or extra support for children who found it difficult to cope with the curriculum being thrust at them.

    On average at my last school of 300 + in a deprived inner city school we had 94 children waiting to be assessed by the Ed Physchologist. ( Stage 5 of the IEP )

    The school was allocated only 2 such assessments per year.

    To be honest ~ they became a paper excercise, for me at least as I could not truthly act or support 19 + IEP's each year.

    However I did focus on an Independent Partner ( buddy ) Learning style of teaching.
    I focused mainly 'trying' to support all learners to the next step ~ some gifted children to boot ( this is usually enhanced with lunchtime special times for their own learning projects )

    May I humbly add the critical mistake Education has made is to allow a Level System of Assessment ( Magic Numbers ) to be linked to some notion that at any set age a child should have achieve an outcome. I may have been sleeping when ' God ' came down to earth to tell us all this but we have failed to get the question correct about Learning.
    Critically parents / teachers / Ofsted / The World ( and I am a parent ) must accept a child's achievements and their best efforts. Celebrate this, be proud of what they can do not continually demand more ~ Comparing them as if they are apples is damaging to their well being. Encouragement & Praise ~ The Micro management ( Ofsted ) control types ' and I have met many have sadly loved this current educational climate.

    Hence we have IEP's / Levelling / APU / Assessment For Learning / SATs / Perfomance Management etc

    Is anyone listening ? ~ please listen with your heart as well.
  6. Hi
    We also have a staff meeting each week, at the end of each term for one week we don't have a staff meeting and each evening a member of staff stays back and works alongside me to evaluate their classes IEPs and set new targets. I think it is important for the SENCo to work with the teacher on this. Each teacher is happy to do this as it is instead of the staff meeting, it does mean I have to do each night though but it saves me having to check through them all and ammending any if required.

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