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Teachers Who Teach Musicians With Dyslexia (Questionnaire)

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rockmeamadeus, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. What about teachers with dyslexia who teach music?
  2. Hi Gary,
    I can't complete your questionnaire as I'm not a music teacher, but I am a dyslexia specialist with an interest in music for dyslexic learners. I liaise with the music teachers at our junior school and help with strategies etc.
    We see all the problems you list, plus others such as directionality - confusions with left/right; up/down and different instruments played horizontally or vertically etc. Colour definitely helps some pupils (I've been trying unsuccessfully to source a copy of Margaret Hubicki's Colour Staff Notation book - do you know of it?), as does using kinaesthetic props such as magnetic notes to stick on a white board etc.
    Is your survey looking at the positives too? I'm sure you're aware of the sometimes superior musicality that a dyslexic musician can have - they may have great difficulty in rote learning the notes, but they can have a deeper 'feel' for the overall musical shape. There's a book called 'Music and Dyslexia' - can't remember the authors just now, which has testaments from several professional musicians who are dyslexic, some of whom suggest that they are better musicians because of the dyslexia.
    Good luck with your survey and with your university project.
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  4. Thank for the help
  5. gilly33

    gilly33 New commenter

    Hi Gary, I'm not a music teacher but just wanted to say I am dyslexic and could read music before I could read words. I had grade 5 by the age of 11 but alas couldn't progress as couldn't manage theory. Played about grade 8 standard and with many pro and semi pro bands before going into teaching. I had no problem learning anything except the written stuff. I hope other teachers will read this and if any jump to the conclusion that dyslexia means you will automatically struggle they won't. Must also add I am also dyspraxic too.
    Good luck with your research, I wish more was done to promote understanding when I was a child.
  6. Hi

    I know its a while since you posted about this, but im dyslexic and studying a degree in music and find sight reading, lyrics remembering and playing an instrument very hard learn and often sit in class looking confused.
    Im currently in my 3rd year and have a 10,000 word dissertation to write and my chosen title is

    "How people overcome learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia when learning and performing music."

    im really interested in how you got on with your survey about teacher who teach dyslexic student music. as i know from being a student not many teacher as aware of what dyslexia is and how much it can effect us in different areas, and often just [put it down to either wasn't listening during class or just being dumb. which is a bit unfair.

    if you have any information that would help me to write my dissertation i would be so grateful to hear from you

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Sophie Tomlinson
  7. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

    Can this claim be backed by any empirical evidence? How could dyslexic musicians conclude that they're better because of dyslexia? Surely they would have had to have experienced life as a non-dyslexic musician to make a comparison (clearly impossible).
    I realise that I am addressing a post from last year btw.

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