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Teachers TV videos come to TES

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by gailrobinson, May 14, 2011.

  1. Hil all,
    We've now uploaded 20 of the most popular Teachers TV videos onto TES Resources and there will be thousands more coming soon.
    The first batch includes secondary and primary maths advice and lesson ideas.
    Check the videos out now

  2. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    Other Teachers TV providers are available:



    These are both run by people who used to work for Teachers TV. A bit of competition. Good or bad?
  3. This is wonderful! Anyone who has these videos free to teachers in one place should be awarded a medal! [*]
  4. Hi all,
    I used to be the Director of Digital Media at TTV before I moved to the TES last year. We're also working with Paul Ashton, the ex Head of Commissioning.
    I'm delighted that we're putting up the content - There are some superb pieces in the collection & it would have been a <strike>shame</strike> crime not to have it available once Teachers TV closed.
    We'll be making the downloadable versions available too - 3500+ is a large amount to make available all at once but it's all in progress. We're also looking at what else we can do with video - above and beyond the Teachers TV materials.
    Andy - Head of Resources - TES

  5. Hi all,
    Quick update: All the 3600 videos are now available in the resources area. The Teachers TV profile page can be found here:
    We've now categorised them correctly so they should be sitting in the right areas of TES Resources. We're going through them to manually check and update them too.
    There's still work to do to make the downloadable versions available and to at collections of Teachers TV content supported by existing TES Resources - giving the videos the right supporting material/context to make them immediately useful is key.

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