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Teachers TV last chance!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by josiejosie, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    The fantastic site http://www.teachers.tv is to close on the 29th April and the advice and training videos will become unavailable! It's a real shame.
    However, until then you can download them for your personal use - I urge all other prospective/student teachers to get what you can before it's all lost.
  2. It's a shame it's closing but they do say all the videos will be available elsewhere. To quote the page linked from teachers.tv (http://www.education.gov.uk/schools/toolsandinitiatives/teacherstv):

  3. josiejosie

    josiejosie New commenter

    Hmm.. that statement seems a bit cloudy - there and on the teachers.tv site they say that the videos will 'be available commercially' and 'to distributors' - hopefully they will continue to be hosted on a site as easy to use as teachers.tv but in any case just to flag that in case prospective teachers didn't already know the site.

  4. If you follow the link to the DfE it says ...

    The Department is making all 3,500 15min Teachers TV programmes and
    related content freely available on a non-exclusive basis. In return
    for undertaking to stream the programmes free at the point of use, you
    would be allowed to use the Teachers TV content commercially in the UK
    and in other countries. A full copy of the distribution agreement will be available to download.

    Details of where you can access digital versions of the programmes will be published here shortly.

    If you are interested in entering into an agreement with the
    Department and the National Archives to distribute the Teachers TV
    archive please contact teachers.tv@education.gsi.gov.uk for more details.
    'Free at the point of use' is suspicious to me - it smells of subscriptions after which you can access them - free at the point of use seems to be a a favourite Condem phrase!
    I hope I'm wrong, and it will all shortly be available in one place and free, but I suspect it will be split up and less than free in some cases. Maybe I'm cynical!

  5. Maybe the TES website will consider adding them to the resources section on here? Seems a logical place?
  6. Seems they listened to you - click here.
  7. I know... I'm as surprised as anyone!

    First time to be listened to...

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