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Teachers' spelling

Discussion in 'English' started by andybeale, Oct 25, 2010.

  1. Like a lot of apparently meaningless elements in English, it enhances the language.
    We can use a present tense verb as a noun or a past tense verb. We aren't overburdened with case markers. We aren't overrun with suffixes. We manage gender simply. We insert meaningless 'do's'. We use plurals as singulars. We insert a plural where one doesn't appear to belong. Best of all, we learned early on that spelling has to look back. A dictionary is useless unless it contains what is in the books we own already.
    What we have is an elegant efficient and flexible language which has absorbed from many others without losing itself. At a trivial level individual elements seem silly, but they are part of a whole. Trust evolution and our Celtic ancestors.
  2. Here we go again with Masha and her obsession with English spelling. She gave up on Opinion, and now she´s at it again on the English forum. (You may not realise, fellow posters, but Masha thinks that it should be spelt Inglish).
    On the subject of ea, I for one, wouldn´t care for pee soup.

    Indeed. Plus the influence of Old Norse, Saxon, Norman French, Hindi, Latin, Greek and all the others which make English the rich language it is today.

  3. Or even, if it's to reflect its usual pronunciation, Ingerlish. (note impeccable use of apostrophe...)
  4. Really?

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