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Teachers returning to China

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by amysdad, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. drjones88

    drjones88 New commenter


    Health declaration and covid test before issuing the visa? Originally it was after the visa was issued, but before you fly.

    This information is not from on official source, so not 100% sure on its authenticity.
  2. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    The health declaration form I had to sign was simply one declaring that I didn't have symptoms and so on - the tests for anyone flying usually are only just before you travel.

    That said, it's a moving feast depending on which office you are applying through.
  3. suem75

    suem75 Occasional commenter

    Has anyone made it back yet? I'll arrive in Shanghai on 7 October, quarantine then on to Beijing.
  4. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I know plenty of teachers who have just arrived back in Shanghai in the last couple of weeks.
    suem75 likes this.
  5. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    We arrived back in school yesterday (just in time to see our students once before the National Day holiday!). A couple of teachers beat us by a few days, but there’s still a good number not back yet or currently in quarantine.

    We did two weeks in Xian then another week home quarantine in Beijing. All fine, hotel really nice, food fine but got fed up of it by the end. So pleased to be back!
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  6. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Yep, back in the 'Jing for two weeks now. Two weeks quarantine in Shanghai then we were allowed to go straight back into school - it only seems to be certain schools who are enforcing the additional week now.
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  7. NineInchSails

    NineInchSails New commenter

    I am in quarantine in Beijing right now. Only a few cities have direct flights to the capital at this moment. Conditions vary greatly by city, and even within the city. My room is tiny, like barely fits a bed and a small desk, while another colleague across the city is in a large room. Other cities have various conditions. I can order non-fresh food (i.e. snacks and beer). In other cities you have to order your food. In either case, you'll need wechat wallet.

    Similarly, the paperwork requirements are different between countries and even within countries. I needed a covid test within 72 hours to even get my visa, while a colleague across my country did not. For the flight, Canadians don't need the Embassy paperwork, just the test result, while Americans need approval from the Embassy. The airline had different time requirements than the Embassy for the test, so I called and found out that their online info was wrong.

    All I can say is contact as many people as possible and get as detailed info as possible, because they contradict themselves all the time. Ultimately, they grabbed my covid test paper out of my hand and put it in a pile, so I'm not even sure if anyone really looked at it. But I wouldn't bank on that. I would also make sure if the TEST or the RESULT needs to be done within 72 hours (or whatever). This is very important, and I got very conflicting information on this. It looks like for most people around the world I know, it's the RESULT. I capitalize, because it's a very important distinction.

    Other than that, bring snacks, booze, and whatever entertainment you can. You don't know what kind of place you'll end up. I've seen pics of roach infested places to my clean yet tiny room to palatial luxury rooms. Some places have great food, some let you order in, some have garbage, some have rice and whatever. Some have good wifi, some don't have any. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.
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  8. suem75

    suem75 Occasional commenter

    This is a long shot, but does anyone know how to obtain a 'stamped baggage declaration form' after arrival?

    I want to ship one case direct to Beijing with sendmybag. They need this form. Usually it's obtained via the red channel at customs but arrivees are reporting the red channel being unavailable at Shanghai.
    It would be cheaper to bring it along then courier it to Beijing once I'm out of quarantine. But it's all about minimising hassle on arrival and making extra space to bring quarantine snacks.
  9. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    Best to pay for extra luggage when you fly out, so it arrives with you on the flight. It's the only way I recommend to bring extra luggage into China.
  10. suem75

    suem75 Occasional commenter

    You're right from a financial aspect. But I don't want to add dealing with an extra suitcase to the stresses of arriving into being processed for quarantine. :) Lazy, I know, but it's one step I can take to lessen potential stress.
  11. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I have been in a China more than a few years, you can take my advice or not, it is up to you.

    My advice is to bring all your luggage it with you when you enter China. End of Todays Lesson.
  12. suem75

    suem75 Occasional commenter

    Under normal arrivals procedures I'd follow your advice, but I'm simply not physically able to handle an extra suitcase through arrival procedures, quarantine, and onward travel.
  13. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I would not try to have a separate case delivered at the moment with all the possible restrictions and unknowns. I can't find anyone who has had follow on luggage delivered to a quarantine hotel.

    You just have to make sure all your cup-a-soups are in your hand luggage.
  14. JL48

    JL48 Star commenter

    Reading between the lines, I don't think that @february31st is talking finances. More, you may never see it again, or perhaps wait a long time for it to arrive (months) - at which point it may or may not still contain everything you put in there. You won't, of course, discover this until you've paid a lot of money to release it from customs.

    That was certainly the case in some of the countries I lived in when I taught overseas. That said, I'm sure you know better.
  15. Scarlettmadrid

    Scarlettmadrid New commenter

  16. Scarlettmadrid

    Scarlettmadrid New commenter

    I'm still waiting in the US for my documents to head to China, so I'll likely be there in late October. I'll be teaching in Zhuji (south of Hangzhou). How did you find out what hotel you had to stay in for quarantine? Were you told when you arrived? I haven't found any information online.
  17. drjones88

    drjones88 New commenter

    Other than the photo on the application form which has to be uploaded electronically with a white background, are any other photos required at the London visa centre?
  18. NineInchSails

    NineInchSails New commenter

    You can try googling whatever city you're flying to + quarantine hotel to see if anyone has said anything about it online. But there's no real way of knowing until you get there. I didn't know anything until we pulled up to the hotel. Like I said, even within a city there will be multiple locations, and you won't know which one you're headed to until you get there.
  19. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    My sources of info in SZ say that things are beginning to return to normal. More and more Chinese people seem to be travelling within China, so restrictions on international travel should be easing soon.
  20. TeacherMan19

    TeacherMan19 Occasional commenter

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