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Teachers Pensions Employment History

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by winny, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. winny

    winny New commenter

    A couple of words of advice for everyone even if you aren't thinking of retiring yet
    • make sure you check your Employment History on the TP website which I believe is updated by LEAs annually and
    • hang on to your past payslips.
    I made a last minute decision to retire this summer and have been trying to apply for my pension online but can't do this as there are 2 gaps in my Employment History from 2001 and 2016 totalling 8 months which shouldn't be there because I haven't had any breaks in service while working full time. I have only ever worked for 2 Welsh authorities and they have both made mistakes with my records.
    I have all my old payslips as proof which is a good job because my first LEA don't have any of my records anymore, so without my copies I would have lost 5 months of my pension.
    The most recent mistake involves 3 months last year but HR tells me it could still take a while to correct even though they should have my service and copies of payslips saved electronically.
    Hopefully I'll be able to access my pension sooner rather than later and this will save others the same hassle.

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