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Teachers getting TA jobs

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by R13, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    I've employed many qualified teachers as assistants in my time - some brilliant others not really up to it. it's not new and indeed in times of recession what I've found is that some qualified teachers who aren't actually teaching return to the profession as the family income needs it.
    As to whether it is cricket or fair, of course it is - what's the alternative . . .banning people from applying for jobs who are better qualified!
  2. Thanks for your thoughts.
    Not suggesting banning just thought there might be a moral element to it. Dog eat dog in the education system. We will be teaching it next. what a world! Please excuse my naivety.
  3. A qualified teacher is better qualified than a TA to be a teacher. A qualified TA is better qualified than a teacher to be a TA.
  4. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    I've never employed a teacher for an asssitant post because they were a teacher. I've appointed the best person available for the job available considering their skills, qualifications and experiences and considering the job description and person spec. That has sometimes meant I've turned down a qualified teacher for an assistant post and other times meant I've turned down a qualified assistant and chosen one with less qualifications and better experience
    I work in a special school and have met plenty of qualified teachers and assistants who are simply not good enough to do either job . . . . and have employed some inexperienced and unqualified staff who have turned out to be completely brilliant. that doesn't of course mean in any way I prefer unqualified people - just that qualifications do not always improve outcomes
    In hindsight I've clearly made some mistakes but all in all I have to say I have a wonderful staff team working in challenging circumstances and doing an Outstanding job
  5. R13
    I find what you have to say quite encouraging and was hoping that this would be the case regarding appointments, as I need to reduce my current levels of cynicism.
  6. Do the teachers employed and therefore paid as TAs, then teach. I'm sure the teaching unions would have something to say about that!
    What about the aspects of a TAs role that teachers are not qualified to do?
  7. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    The teachers I have employed as assistants - assist funnily enough.
    Re TA qualifications - many assistants work very well without qualifications (Though I would recommend further study a qualification is not a legal requirement.
    i'd be interested to know what part of the TA qualification you feel a qualified teacher would not have knowledge of - a serious question not a dig
  8. I completely agree that many TAs work brilliantly without qualifications and I have no problems with teachers becoming TAs. My only concern would be them being expected by the school to take on responsibility that while qualified for, are not renumerated for. Obviously this doesn't happen in your setting.
    Regarding aspects of TA role teacher may not be "qualified" for I was thinking more of the non quantifiable pastoral. I know brilliant teachers who by their personality would struggle with this part of a TA's day (thinking of Primary here) but I suppose they would not get the job.
    My NVQ qualifications required first aid training for which a teacher would need separate training but that would be dependent on the needs of the school.
  9. R13

    R13 Occasional commenter

    Thanks Brum - I know what you mean about the pastoral side . . . . though as I work in a special school I wouldn't employ anyone who couldn't show an aptitude towards this I have met far too many teachers in mainstream who don't seem to like children!
  10. Just thought I'd add my 2p:

    I've just finished my PGCE (secondary) and am applying for TA jobs. I'm glad to see that people won't hold this choice against me. Personally, I wanted to go into teaching because of the pastoral side of things, and during my training I found that my caring, empathetic, supportive side just didn't count for anything when trying to get Year 8 and 10 through the GCSE Spanish curriculum. There's more pressing matters, such as being able to coordinate a class of 30, when I would much prefer to make more of a connection with students by assisting one-to-one.

    I'm glad that I passed, and although I feel a bit apprehensive about going to interview (and having to justify why I'm not applying for positions that are significantly better-remunerated), I like to think my PGCE qualifies me as well as anyone to provide in-lesson support!

    Fingers crossed that I'll get those interviews :)
  11. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I'm a teacher too and am also looking at TA roles... I love being in education but there are no teaching jobs so needs must. I could go back to industry and get paid just as well as a teaching salary but happiness is more important and I am better at it (IMO). x

  12. there aren't many TA jobs either...and beware, because TA wages are disappearing, as are the jobs themselves.
    I personally wouldn't hold it against a teacher if they wanted to be a TA, same as I would hope that teachers wouldn't hold it against a TA if they wanted to get into teaching (yes, after getting qualified, obviously!). however, i do think the jobs are different, and make sure you know what you're getting in to it for. TA-ing is not poor man's teaching.
  13. Oh YES!!!!!
  14. Seems more and more to me that ANYONES best chance of a TA job is to get a "tap on the shoulder" if you are lucky. I am starting to think that due to numbers of applicants the sheer probability of getting a post that you applied for is miniscule.
  15. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think its the same for all jobs kev, just the way it seems to be at the moment. x
  16. I am qualified to teach secondary science but have just taken a primary TA job, the main reason being that it will allow me more time to spend with my children. There were 81 applicants for the position several of which were qualified to degree level.

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