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Teachers and Teaching Assistants ?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Delph, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    As of September I will be starting my new job as TA for Year 4 class.
    This is my first TA role, have worked in Early Years for 5 years.
    I was wondering:
    As teachers, what do TA's do that really bugs you,
    what do you love about TA's,
    what makes a good TA,
    what makes a bad TA.
    Thought it might be fun to ask, and also make sure I start off on the right foot
  2. Hi
    My TA for the last 2 years was an absolute angel! She joined in with lessons, was adaptable and if she thought my explanation of something was unclear she would raise her hand and ask for further explanation (on behalf of the chn) - this encouraged the chn not to feel silly asking for help. When a display needed doing she just got on with it - she didn't ask for detailed instructions - what she did wasn't always the way i wouldhave done it but hey what a time saver.
    What don't I like? TAs who think it's acceptable to talk while I'm teaching! This is really distracting and encourages chn to think it's acceptable for them to do it.
    TAs need to have the sonfidence to do things they notice that need doing eg tidying up without being asked all the time and support chn that need it - not just the chd they are assigned to. I also have a real bug about TAs who think standing and gossiping is a good use of time. There is always something thast needs to be done.
    Finally, I always say to my TAs that if I say or do anything that upsets/annoys them to please tell me so we can have an honest and open working relationship.

    Hope that helps.[​IMG]

  3. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    i agree with the above. i don't like TAs who don't look at the plans so don't work with the groups they've been put down for and do their own thing.

    i have one at the moment that sometimes brings worksheets in that she's printed at home for her 1:1 and does them without checking with me first that they're suitable. i often don't find out till afterwards as i'm busy with my focus group. grrr. that won't be happening next year.
  4. I agree completely with Sulas. Just doing the little jobs without being asked is an absolute godsend. I also really welcome my TAs ideas and input because I enjoy the working relationship - it is nice to have somebody to bounce of.
    My TA this past year has been very very hard work. A lovely lady, but her way of working made our relationship strained at times and I found it hard to remain calm. She would do whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and would often wander into the classroom 5 minutes after register as she was finishing her cup of tea or having a chat on the way. She'd then proceed to tell me some staff gossip - meaning the children had to then wait longer for what I was going to say to them and wasting teaching time. Shed have to "Nip to the ladies" at least once a lesson, leaving her (usually LA) group unattended and therefore behaviour issues would arise.
    During my lessons she would rarely sit and support children - I would have to ask her every single time - and would instead just sit back and listen. Occasionally she would interrupt to clarify something I was teaching - which I honestly don't mind as it supports the children and I quite enjoy that 'team teaching' element - but sometimes she would go off on a tangent telling the children about other things they needed to know - often things that my consequent lessons were about etc, or simply just too much talking at once for my Y1s, and I would have to reign her back in.
    Sometimes she interrupted to correct me, and told the children the wrong thing when I was right in the first place (this happened in a phonics lesson).
    At the beginning of the day whenever I asked how she was, her response was always that she was not well in one way or another, so I stopped asking. She would never help without being asked, and would instead sit and watch me run around like a headless chicken while she chatted to me. When she DID do jobs for me, she would take so long I would eventually end up doing it myself (her method of filing childrens work was bizarre!).
    I guess the most important thing in a TA is to not be work-shy, to be confident enough to do any jobs that you spot that need doing, and have a constructive relationship with regards to teaching - TELL me if the children didn't get it, and in your professional opinion what they might need to do next etc.

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