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Teacher Training Guide/Info- POST COMPULSORY (Colleges +)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Madihah8, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. There seems to be many posts about primary and secondary teaching and hardly any about Post compulsory i.e. teaching and colleges etc. Im writing a guide randomly hoping it will help some people and if more detailed is required, I shall do so. My knowledge is based on my application for teacher training starting 2012 and I remember feeling lost so I hope this will help some of you thinking of entering this field.
    Firstly, teaching in colleges is called many different things i.e. PGCE post compulsory or even PCET. I have found 3 MAIN places based in London area although I am sure this list wont be exhaustive. These are:
    1) IOE- Institute of Education (based in Russell Square)
    2) UEL - University of East London (based in Stratford, East London)
    3) University of Greenwich
    ONLY the IOE can be applied through something called UKPASS which is like the UCAS system. UEL and Greenwich have to applied to directly for which you can find links and attachments on their home page.
    I have attended all 3 places for interviews so if anyone is waiting for an interview or is merely curious.. Here you are!
    My first interview was with Greenwich in December 2011 which I was required to complete a small simple task answering a few questions to show my mathematical skills which had to be brought to the interview. First task of the day was to confirm our results with the certificates. Then headed to another building for about a half hour presentation explaining the course, requirement etc. Any questions are allowed to be ask and then times were allocated to each person where they would be interviewed. Questions include: tell me something about yourself that is different. What experience do you have. What you would do with a difficult student. Please be aware questions may vary so be prepared. However, if you are confident in your ability and capabilities as a teacher, you should answer all the questions with ease.

    My second interview was with UEL- they refer to this course as a PCET. They conduct their interviews in a series of stages. At the first stage, it is very relaxed and you are called in to merely discuss very informally the subject. It is about 20 minutes, no presentation just sitting around a table with the senior tutor. Again, any questions can be asked here. You are then required to a test. It is around an hour long and tests your English abilities. DONT PANIC. Its very very very simple. There is some summarising exercises, a spelling exercises and all tasks which potential teachers should handle with ease.
    For stage two you are required to prepare a presentation for 5 minutes in your subject area and must at some point include your audience (dont worry its only about 4 people). They are VERY strict with time and you are timed so be sure to be punctual as you will be STOPPED- obviously you can finish earlier. You are then allocated times for your interview with the senior tutor in which you discuss your presentation and asked various questions. Again, dont panic. I stuttered and my mind went blank for around 30-40 seconds which obviously doesnt bode well.
    My final interview was with the IOE. You are informed of this through UKPASS initially and then emailed by IOE regarding the inteview. For this interview you are again required to do a presentation about why you want to be a teacher and why you want to teach in the post compulsory sector. They are not very strict on time at all bless them [​IMG] and you can talk for 6-7 minutes however, I speeded through mine and I feel as though I was done in 6-7 seconds! You begin your day with a presentation explaining the course etc and then you are called for your presentation. Your presentation is done with a tutor and one interviewee (this may vary depending on the format of the day and number of interviewee's) and then you are taken back to the 'waiting room' where you will be called by someone different for the interview. Questions again are similar to the previous ones and then you are notified by someone within 2 weeks if you have a place.

    I have to say the staff at IOE are the most friendly with Greenwich coming in at a close second. I hope this helped and I do apologise if there is any mistakes in vocab etc. Any questions please ask and do let me know if this helped.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Aysel9

    How did your interview go?
    I have an interview next week and I also need to do a powerpoint presentation on that topic
    and answer the same question within my interview.

    Have you got any tips you could give me on how to stand out in the interview and how to layout the
    presentation? I know what I want to say but I am struggling on how the would want me to structure it.

    Also what did you say for the interview question?

    Its a shame there was nobody to give you any advice but hopefully you or someone else can help me :)

  3. Hi there lovely peoples, did any of you get into the PGCE post compulsory at the IOE? I did, I hope you guys did too? See you on the 17th...!!! xxx
  4. Hi, Abu and Aysel,

    We all got in! Aysel I can remember too from the interview day, she got my email for me as my phone doesn't, don't know if you will see this before I see you. couldobetter or Julia!!!
  5. Hi, I have my interview TODAY any advice?

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