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Teacher to teaching assistant

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by TAWren, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. Hi
    QTS qualifies you as a TA, but HLTA is a status not a qualification, you have to be assessed against set standards. I am not sure, but I don't think QTS includes these standards. Not because it is higher that QTS (It clearly isn't)but because is is tailored for the HLTA role.
    Some on here will say that teachers do not necessarily make good TAs, but I guess you won;t know until you try.
    Good luck
  2. hubcap

    hubcap New commenter

    I would apply for HLTA, we have a teacher who works as one and hasnt got the status.
  3. I think you should just apply for HLTA positions. You might find though that the lack of experience is still something which holds you back, in which case a Level 3 position may be desirable.
    As a teacher who became a TA I went to an HLTA meeting and was laughed at when it became apparent I already had QTS. The competencies are similar; you've already shown that you're capable of achieving them.
    As long as you're aware that you will be taking quite a pay cut!
  4. Pugwash

    Pugwash New commenter

    Sorry to barge in like this but I have a similar problem. I am a qualified science teacher with a PGCE middle years science and QTS (2005) but I didn't complete induction - due to many reasons which I won't go into but I did about 4 intermittent terms (inductable) and from 2007 I've been teaching mostly supply. But due to lack of work I started a job in industry working as a chemist since November 2009 and am still there - but I want to return to education as I believe I need to do something useful with my life which was why I did a PGCE in the first place.
    I realsie I'm not suited to teaching - stressful and 'takes my life over' etc...so I can't enter as a teacher but I'm wondering if I can apply for TA jobs? I'm sure I'd like tis role as long as I can afford to pay the bills..
    I left education in November 2009 and have no recent experience...most TA posts ask for at least an NVQ level 3. I have 2 degrees and a PGCE etc...but no NVQ. Would It benefit me if I did a home study NVQ level 3 teaching assistant?
  5. picsgirl

    picsgirl New commenter

    I can only answer about the NVQ -as NVQ's are being phased out and replaced by the QCF qualification, in the area where I live you can no longer do a NVQ on it's own, you have to do a full apprenticeship - which is a mixture of the NVQ & technical/knowledge certificates. To complete these you have to be working in a school, I just finished my level 2 and had to work for a minimum of 16 hours (some providers may let you volunteer instead of paid work). None of the provider will let you take level 3 unless you are in paid employment.
    Some HE colleges still run the technical/knowledge based certificates and you can also do these online. You don't always have to be working for these- but it does vary.
    But as you say the adverts mention NVQ - as this a competance based certificate you have to be observed in a school setting.
    However, education providers and what qualifications are accepted vary from region to region, there is no national standard.
  6. @ pugwash ... QTS is a recognised TA qualification. So you would really just need to gain some recent experience before applying for TA jobs.

    Good luck!

  7. Pugwash

    Pugwash New commenter

    Thanks! At the moment I'll try to do some voluntary work on the day (one Friday per fortnight) I'm off work...and apply for level 2 TA positions (if I can afford financially).
  8. I'm in a similar position - got QTS, did my induction year, then 2 years of supply and one-to-one teaching. I'm also interested in moving into SEN, so applied for and yesterday was offered a Level 2 TA job. They didn't ask for SEN qualifications, but did ask why, with a PGCE, I now wanted to be a TA. If you're interested in more on applying for TA jobs, look at the separate thread, under Teaching Assistants, on Interview Questions - I found it really helpful. Good luck with it all.
  9. I tried going for HTLA jobs, then LA, and even CS, but nothing. I had one interview for a science TA, for which I thought 35 years of teaching maths and chenistry might have stood me in good stead, but no. At one of the three TA interviews, I was asked this question: "Do you think you have sufficient subject knowledge in science, Mr Dog?"(I felt like saying, "Yes, I do, and it is Dr Dog, actually," but I didn't).
  10. Hi, if anyone has moved from a Teacher to a Teaching Assistant job - what did you do about your pension contributions... can you continue to pay into the Teacher's scheme/ will the employer make a contribution... or is it better to just opt out?
  11. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    As a TA you would be eligible to join the Local Government Pension Scheme - this is an excellent scheme to which employers do contribute and there are currently negotiations between unions and employers to treat this scheme differently to other Public Sector ones as it is so financially healthy (ie, it does not rely on Government funding to pay its pensions but does so from investment profits.)
    I very much doubt that you would be allowed to remain in the Teachers scheme but I do not know this for certain so someone else might have a definitive answer to this. Unless you have already accrued a very large pension pot do not even contemplate 'opting out' as the long-term repercussions will almost certainly not be good!
  12. Thanks Ophelia - I appreciate your reply.

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