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Teacher to become Cover Supervisor?

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by Exit3, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. Exit3

    Exit3 New commenter

    I currently work 2 days a week as a Teacher on M6. I desperately need greater work-life balance and this is why I chose to be part time in the first place (I have young children as a lone parent and want to have time to work on a business idea I have). The school I am in now is a long commute. It is also a tough school behaviour-wise and staff (in my opinion) are not treated well by SMT. I have seen an opportunity to be a Cover Supervisor in a school just down the road (could walk to it) and the school is a lovely school and one I would love to work in. The Cover Supervisor role could be made part time. Obviously, would mean less money, but equally, no car costs as could walk there. It would mean a clock-in/clock-out job (which I would love) and no more Parents' Evenings etc. Are there any teachers who have made the same move from teacher to cover supervisor? What are you experiences of this? Anything I need to be aware of? Many thanks xx
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  2. thepd

    thepd New commenter

    I did exactly that and, four years in, I'm still very happy in my cover sup role. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you may be asked to be a teacher again if there are staffing issues in your subject, or any subject come to that! I'm in a nice school, with brilliant kids on the whole but the freedom of being cover always stops me from agreeing to be a teacher again. I'd say definitely do it, then you're perfectly placed if you do decide to return to being a teacher in the future. You'll have recent classroom experience by keeping your hand in, with none of the other stuff that can take over your life. I have no regrets. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  3. Exit3

    Exit3 New commenter

    Thank you so much thepd for your reply. May I ask you whether you are Primary or Secondary? Would you mind also if I ask how much you are paid per day? I assume you aren't paid holidays? What kind of Contract could I expect? Are you on a permanent or yearly renewed/temporary contract? What about pension? Any advice on what questions I should bee asking before agreeing to the role? Many thanks again :)
  4. thepd

    thepd New commenter

    Hi Exit3, I'm in secondary (11-18) and started on a temporary 1 year contract which is now a permanent contract. I get paid through the holidays (unlike supply), which means I get paid about £1000 per month. NI and local authority pension included. The pay is pretty rubbish, but it's effectively for 5 one hour lessons a day, 5 days a week and evenings and weekends are my own (my working day is officially 8.30am until 3.20pm). I don't have a form group, no break or lunch duties and no after school duties. As cover you should only be asked to do supervision (following school behaviour policy) in lesson time with set work provided by the teacher. I've seen cover jobs now where extras (e.g lunch clubs/ detention duty etc) are tagged on to the job spec as schools are short of cash (and staff) but you should expect more pay for things like that. Hope that helps.
  5. thepd

    thepd New commenter

    I once calculated the pay difference between what I earn per hour on cover and what I earned per hour (including all hours worked in school and at home marking etc) as a teacher. The difference was 23p more as a teacher.
  6. Exit3

    Exit3 New commenter

    Thank you so much thepd for your advice and most of all. your enthusiasm about the role. I am going to apply. I really hope the school don't decide I am overqualified and get suspicious of someone like me wanting to step down the ladder. Any advice regarding the interview (assuming I get that far) with regards to the questions I might be asked because I am a Teacher?
  7. thepd

    thepd New commenter

    You're bound to get an interview! Focus on your work-life balance as the reason for the change. I put it in my covering letter and spoke about it in interview. My interview was basically a teacher interview - observed lesson, student panel, formal interview (main questions to do with safeguarding and following school behaviour policy). Best of luck with it all. I'm so pleased you'll be getting more of your family life back! We can return to teaching one day, if we choose to, but can't re-do parenting, and it goes by so quickly.
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  8. Lizrose35

    Lizrose35 New commenter

    Good luck :) I wish everyone who is trying to improve work/life balance the best of luck. Another option could be a move to FE as a Functional Skills or ESOL tutor. It's a potential change that I'm looking into.

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