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Teacher timetable and class number

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by rossbash, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. rossbash

    rossbash New commenter

    Hi All,

    I am starting a geography secondary PGCE in September and am curious about a typical teachers timetable during school hours. I am interested to know how much time is typically spent in the classroom teaching; how many classes a teacher typically has; and how many times a week you would teach each class. I understand that teachers, schools and subjects will vary greatly but a guide or access to a timetable would be useful please.

    Many thanks in advance,

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  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    Typical timetable: 5 lessons per day, often on a fortnightly timetable. (I suspect the three-100-minute-lesson day timetable may be more popular next year, as it reduces movement and therefore possibly also covid risks.) Standard teaching allocation 45/50 lessons, newly qualified teachers 40/50. Those with positions of responsibility may get extra non-contacts.
    Geography is likely to get about 3 lessons per fortnight in KS3; sometimes that's organised differently (eg pupils have 7/8 lessons of humanities, rotating round geography/history/RE over the course of the year). GCSE groups will have more time - 5 hours per fortnight? Most sensible schools give teachers a fair balance between KS3/4, but obviously this will depend on take-up of the subject at GCSE.
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  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    Fairly similar to the above post - in some schools lessons can be all singles (45mins, 50 mins or 1 hour), or with 45 minutes "doubles" are then very common. Some schools do have 2 hr doubles. Anything therefore between 3 and 7 lessons per day, plus a form /tutor group session.
    Core subjects (Eng/Mat/Sci) get the most lessons - between 3 and 4 hrs a week typically. Geography could be maybe 1 or 1.5hrs a week.
    Fortnightly timetables are increasingly common to allow some subjects like maybe music a longer block of time once per fortnight than a shorter time every week.
    If you had a school with 6 periods a day, so 30 a week, the load for a full time teacher would be 27/30 as we are guaranteed a minimum 10% "free" called PPA for planning etc. NQTs in their 1st year get an additional 10% off timetable, so 24/30 periods taught..
    KS3 is y7,8,9 in a lot of schools, but only y7,8 in others as they have gone for a 3yr GCSE. Geography is an option subject, so in some schools it would be studied for 3 yrs at KS3, then pupils can choose to take it or not, but in other schools they may only study it for 2 yrs.
    IN my experience it can be one of the most popular GCSEs, with perhaps half a year group taking it. It (along with Haistory0 is one of the so called Ebacc subjects, and some schools insist pupils opt for one of these.
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  4. rossbash

    rossbash New commenter

    That's very useful information from both of you, thank you very much!
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