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Teacher Tax rebate

Discussion in 'Personal' started by zip, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. zip


    Hi all
    Spotted this site as a link on fb... has anyone else used it to claim back tax on union subscriptions?
    Looks too good to be true....?
  2. zip


    Hi all
    Spotted this site as a link on fb... has anyone else used it to claim back tax on union subscriptions?
    Looks too good to be true....?
  3. Yes, they take a big chunk though, 60% I think. You can do it yourself fairly simply - so I'm told.
  4. No, £10 and 20% just had a look! The one I did was was the leaflet you get in the NUT magazine. Might have been 40%?
  5. Its ridiculously simple.
    Ring union, ask for breakdown of subscriptions for the past 6 years. They will read out how much you paid every year - write it down.
    Then write a letter to your tax office stating that you want to reclaim tax for union fees. Tell them how much you paid each year.
    I did that and got a cheque 3 weeks later - it wasnt much as Ive only been teaching 3 years, but it was very straightforward.
    I think theres a sample letter on the NUT website.
  6. I used a company called Subscriptions Rebate Services and got £310 for a fixed fee of £40. Based on their system this would have cost me £62. It made it really simple - I just phoned up, gave them details over the phone and then signed some documents they posted to me. They dealt with everything so it was just less stressful. I know I could have done it myself but I didn't have time and to be honest I kept meaning to get round to it and didn't!
    Be careful of companies that charge a percentage. I know someone who got over £8000 back because she had underpaid her tax over the years. She also paid the fixed fee but if she had used a company like this it would have cost her £2000.
  7. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    It's even easier than that! Just go back through bank statements and add up the amounts for each year. Don't forget you can also include professional subscriptions such as GTC membership and subscriptions to professional bodies closely related to your work, such as NATE.
    I once got 6 years worth of tax back after my employer had changed status and I missed that the new pay department was assessing my tax at the basic rate, wihtout any allowances. It was enough to buy a new car!
  8. By the time you've phoned up and done that, you couldve phoned your union and asked for the details of your subscriptions, and printed and signed a pre-written letter. Theres absolutely no need to pay people to do it - it took me all of 10 minutes.
    The link to the letter is here:
    Ignore the left hand side bit - you dont need to send your P60s etc. Just change the dates on the letter, search for the address of your local tax office, ring union to check how much you've paid and send it off.
  9. Even easier - pop onto the supply teachers forum and there are quite a few threads on this.
    I had a very recent one and Jubilee (one of the posters) is absolutely brilliant at giving tax advice.
    I have just had a nice tax refund so enjoy!

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