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Teacher refuses to acknowledge I am there

Discussion in 'US – Staffroom' started by mom2kt2008, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. I’m a teachers assistant in a self contained classroom. There are ten students with different disabilities. I’ve been at this workplace for four months and it started well. The teacher and I seemed to get along and she gave me a lot of responsibilities.
    Lately, though, I’ve been invisible. Where I would help one child with writing - now she does it. Where I would hand out folders - now she does it.
    There are a lot of behavioral issues in the class, and I know it doesn’t help that the students don’t listen to me. I feel like it’s my fault this is happening.
    It is no secret she would rather have another TA in there - one she has worked with for three years who was moved before I started. I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m trying to reach out to these kids, and the teacher has challenged me to think up ways to help them, but I have tapped flat on my face.
    How do I deal with this? I’m worried about losing my job.
  2. hoosier11

    hoosier11 New commenter

    If you have to, make an appointment as a parent might. Get face to face, be bold, and talk it out. You have already let the problem go too long and even escalate. Now.........get to work!

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