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teacher pension contribution rate change

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by cjdeane, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. I'm in Warwickshire LA and since April our pension contribution rate has changed (this is stated on the pay slip).

    It's a tiny change, but by my calculation it's now about 6.47% rather than 6.4% as I believed it still should be.
    Is this correct? Could someone from another LA check their most recent pay slip to confirm this?

    Has there been a subtle national change in the TPS contribution rate I wasn't aware of.

    I know it's only a few pounds, but it's the principle.
  2. Mine is roughly 6.3998028% !
  3. You might joke but it may cost some about £50 per year. If I take £50 off you for no reason, let's see if you laugh
  4. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Nothing yet has changed,over the % paid by teaching staff. It will not happen until at least April 2012.
    Please check with a colleague to see whether they have this strange %. Contact you your Union at the Regional Level.Your Regional Centre should be somewhere in the Birmingham area to discuss further
  5. Thanks for this, will do
  6. Informant

    Informant New commenter

    6.4% is the correct deduction. See page 7 of "Your Guide" at http://www.teacherspensions.co.uk/members/members1.htm
    As a member of the TPS, whether full-time or
    part-time, you will pay 6.4% of your gross
    salary towards a package of benefits. Your
    employer pays a further 14.1%. This makes
    a total of 20.5%. You will receive income tax
    relief on your contributions

  7. Might be worthwhile re-checking your calculation.
    If you are sure it is not 6.4% the best thing to do is contact your LA payroll provider to get their response.
    No point whatsoever in contacting your union at this point. It is more likely to be ***-up rather than conspiracy.

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