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Teacher pay for extra day

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by rachelhely, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. rachelhely

    rachelhely New commenter


    I am a 0.8 teacher and recently I have worked on my day off. I assumed that I would be paid 1/195 of my equivalent full time salary. I wasn’t, and HR told me that this, when I queried it:

    ‘Whilst 195 are the number of working days, this would produce an inaccurate daily rate as your salary includes holiday entitlement too.

    Normally to work out the day rate you take the full time salary and divide by 260.’

    This makes no sense to me and I think I have been underpaid. Please can anyone tell me what is correct? Or where indeed the 260 comes from?
    Thank you
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    STPCD says "42.1. Teachers employed on a day-to-day or other short notice basis must be paid in accordance with the provisions of this Document on a daily basis calculated on the assumption that a full working year consists of 195 days, periods of employment for less than a day being calculated pro rata."

    Schools seem to get away with paying much less to supply teachers nowadays, though.

    The 260 is presumably the number of weekdays in a year. Teaching has always worked on 195 as that is the number of working days in a year for teachers. (I'm not sure they should be using 260 anywhere, though, as in any job there has to be statutory holiday entitlement built in, so for an ordinary Mon-Fri job it presumably ought to be 260-28.)

    Perhaps the thing to point out to HR, after showing them the paragraph above, is that if you worked every one of your days off, 39/195 would bring you up to full-time pay and 39/260 would not. And that if they're going to pay you less for your extra day, you're not going to be so willing to do it in future.
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