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Teacher of Computer Science

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by badpower, Jan 7, 2016.

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  1. badpower

    badpower Occasional commenter

    Good Morning,

    I was reading a news report today highlighting the shortage of teachers in the UK. I have recently returned from teaching overseas and am teaching A Level computer science at a sixth form college in Merseyside. This is a fixed term contract to cover maternity and I need to find a job for September. Apparently computer science is an area where there is a shortage of teachers however I am becoming increasingly alarmed at the lack of job advertisements for teachers of computer science. Perhaps the shortage is actually only in the South East.

    If you do happen to be looking for a well qualified, experienced and successful teacher of computer science and your school is based in Liverpool, Sefton or Knowsley then I would love to hear from you about when the position may be advertised so that I can make an application as soon as possible.

    I hope to hear from anyone really.

    Best wishes

Thread Status:
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