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Teacher experts needed research teamwork

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by Adri_t, Jun 9, 2014.

  1. Dear members,

    I am a doctoral student researching the influences of cross-disciplinary thinking on teamwork in various domains and job types. Currently I am conducting a research study using a fictive case study involving members of three distinct professions, amongst which one represents the teaching professional body. To obtain complete and reliable results and to generalize the study findings to real world practice, I must develop certain measurement tools of participants’ cognitive processes.

    Therefore, at present I am looking for “domain experts” to offer their ratings and experiential input on some of the study questions. In other words, the ones of you that consider themselves knowledgeable of the teaching culture and standards and that have worked or are working in educational settings are invited to complete a brief set of questions on working in a cross-disciplinary team. Your input will be utilized as a benchmark against which the study participants’ responses will be evaluated. Confidential information for this purpose is not required. You may provide your email address if you wish to be informed of the study progress. In the same time, we welcome your recommendations on improving the questions or the study task.

    When you are interested to participate in this brief endeavor, please copy and paste the link below in a new window to access the study questions:


    Your participation is highly valued. We thank you for your inputs and suggestions!



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