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Teacher Development Trust

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by speccyteacher, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. speccyteacher

    speccyteacher New commenter

    Hi people
    Has anyone signed up to this support service? If so is it worthwhile?
  2. stierney63

    stierney63 New commenter

    We've been involved with the TDT for a couple of years now; fab organisation. They've twice carried out a CPD Audit at St. Mary's; hugely enlightening process which has helped us keep moving forward. Attended a number of events; very good on Lesson Study which a number of staff have engaged with and found very useful. Can really recommend.
    Regards, Stephen
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  3. speccyteacher

    speccyteacher New commenter

    Brilliant info Stephen; thank you so much
  4. Morgs28

    Morgs28 New commenter

    I completely agree with Stephen. This is a truly excellent organisation to connect with. We have just completed our second CPD audit; both of which have significantly contributed to our positive developments in teaching and learning. They provide a robust but fair analysis which helps you to hone in and really focus on developing pedagogy and practice.

    The network has a wealth of resources, articles and research to engage with and enables you to connect with other TDT schools and share practice. Always good to have the support from a wider network and share ideas.

    We too are using their lesson study models to bring classroom enquiry into the heart of our on-going development. I'd be more than happy to discuss this further with you because I honestly do believe that every school world benefit from engaging with the trust. CPD is at the heart of school improvement.

    Regards, Kathryn
  5. purplejbeth

    purplejbeth New commenter

    I agree with the above. We have used a lot of their Lesson Study online materials in the development of our CPD groups which now run across the year. They have helped us to transform the way we deliver CPD as a school. What I have found most useful is how flexible they are - a couple of times we have used them to have Skype chats in meetings as a kind of sounding board for ideas. It's so helpful to have experts like that to call on when we need...

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