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Teacher apprentice scheme recruits just 10% of target

Discussion in 'Education news' started by Shedman, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter


    New statistics show that just 90 teacher trainees were taken on under the new postgraduate apprenticeship route this September.

    The route was announced in October last year, with an employers' plan setting a target of attracting 1,000 trainees.

    The Teacher Apprenticeship Assessment Plan, submitted by the trailblazer group of employers, stated: “We anticipate that there will be around 1,000 apprentices in the first year, with the number of apprentices likely to increase in subsequent years.”

    Let's face it, despite the DFE's protestations otherwise, teaching is no longer an attractive career to new graduates who have £50,000 of student debt around their necks and at least another £9,000 to pay for a PGCE. The latest disastrous recruitment figures on top of the years of below target recruitment confirm this. All these recruitment schemes are missing the point, teachers' work load, working conditions, pay and support need to be improved to make the profession genuinely attractive.
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  2. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

  3. studentcrisis

    studentcrisis New commenter

    I’m training this year and hadn’t heard of this at all despite a lot of research into different routes into teaching... to be honest the debt doesn’t bother me as it’s just another 9k I won’t even notice paying back but I wouldn’t have minded earning a bit this year!

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