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Teach Programming Using ActionScript

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by dexterwilliams, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. I've passed this stuff onto a few kids.

    But only those that are considered 'high ability' in my sink school.

    And also can afford the software or have the nous to download a rip-off version.....

    They're quite happy with it.
  2. I love these resources, thank you!
    I'm not sure flash AS (due to its interaction with a timeline and fairly specific object structure mostly) is my first port of call to teach computing at school, that said I can't see any real reason to shy away from it. Much like modern web standards (canvas/svg/js/css3 etc) which may one day replace it, it is clearly powerful. At the moment I do see the use of Flash in teaching as something of a confluence between ICT and Computing. Tutorial 1 in this series is exactly what I mean. Flash can allow rapid creation of objects suitable for animation that can be used to serve a specific purpose/audience and/or allow programatically controlling them based on user interaction. Which gives a great opportunity to extend students understanding of the relationship between ICT and computing, whilst making something of value.
    Really well done from what Ive seen of them so far...
  3. OK, the final 4 lessons (which makes 10 in total) along with their respective lesson plans, mark sheets, starters, plenarys and videos are finally up on my resources. (Click my name and follow the resources link)
    The reason for the extra time to complete thesse was due to testing with students during May and having to revise the text and processes for the final 3 booklets. I also wanted to check that they were compatible with CS3, CS5 and CS6, which they are.
    Students from age 11-18 have managed to complete all the tasks, although obviously as the age goes down so the respective amount of help you need to give increases.
    I still can't upload the FLA files to the website so you'll need to get them off the website: www.wissp.com and the high resolution full colour booklets are far too large to publish here.
    I'm not bothered if you don't want to use them so please don't tell me ActionScript is too complicated. This is simply a set of 10 lessons all laid out ready for you to use if you want to try and engage student interest in programming. They have been tried and tested with students so you will just need to adjust the timings depending on the ability level and age.
    Use them for a series of lessons, an afterschool club or a library resource for the gifted and talented when they run out of work and need a challenge.
    Enjoy :)
  4. Very impressive effort.

    Well done.
  5. jweb2k

    jweb2k New commenter

    Yes, thanks too from me for such a great effort with these! I'll be showing them to my geek squad....

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