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Teach First

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by qwertyyy, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. <a name="_GoBack">[/URL]Heya all, I&rsquo;ve just submitted my GTTR application to study a PGCE in DT!!
  2. sparkleshine

    sparkleshine New commenter

    I have a friend who's done TeachFirst and now acts as a graduate recruiter for them. It's a really good scheme - very tough though as you are thrown in at the deep end after the Summer Institute and you start teaching. It's been shown as being pretty successful, with past candidates saying that they really valued the experience. If you like a challenge then I'd say give it a go! They're looking for people with leadership skills that they can demonstrate.
    The application process is totally different from the PGCE one, though. The key part is demonstrating the required competencies that are set out on the website through specific examples of your own experience. After you apply, hopefully you'll be invited to an Assessment Centre where you have group exercises with other candidates to see how you interact with people. You also have an individual interview on the day where you're required to demonstrate the required competencies again. As far as I know if you pass that, then you get invited to a Subject Knowledge Audit which is a test of your knowledge of the subject you are applying to teach. That's not a totally comprehensive picture but hope it at least gives you a start.
    The scheme runs over 2 years and you obtain QTS and a PGCE at the end of it. What I will say though is that TeachFirst shouldn't really be seen as a fallback - it's incredibly competitive, probably even more than the PGCE is. As it opened in June it's also quite late in the application process by now. Check the allocations for the subject you're doing - if it's closed you can't apply, but if it's nearing capacity then it's worth applying anyway as you might be given a deferred place for 2013.
    However, do remember you cannot hold offers from both - I think to accept a TeachFirst place you would have to decline a PGCE one. They're both very different experiences and you can't really say which is better - it depends what's best for you.
  3. I personally really dislike the TeachFirst scheme although I didn't train that way myself. Friends of mine have trained that way and done well but I dislike a lot of the way they do things having seen their mentors in the school I used to work in. They are very keen on early leadership and seem to want people to skip over the first few years of teaching and become middle managers straight away.
    The only other thing I'll say about TeachFirst is that they place you in schools in difficult circumstances, often academies.

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