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Teach First plan to get musicians into the classroom fall flat

Discussion in 'Music' started by gailrobinson, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. This week's TES reports on Teach First's failure to get top musicians into the classroom.
    Plans to raid the nation's musical conservatoires for top musicians for the Teach First programme could backfire because they need time to practise and perform, leading teacher trainers have warned.
    They have also expressed fears that take-up among the best instrumentalists would be low after graduation because the first two or three years after their studies are vital for establishing themselves as performers.
    Read the article: Teach Firsts plan falls flat with conservatoires
  2. Erm, I also need time to practice and perform else I can't, in all good conscience, be vocationally up-to-date with my subject. I really don't get much time to practice at all these days and have to be really "smart" about it when I do. I get to perform quite regularly but I struggle to manage work life/home life/performing life. Bearing in mind that many of my students are Diploma standard I think <u>MY</u> skills and recognition of them are just as important this Teach First scheme. But I'm in FE and ignored[​IMG].
    Yes, I'd agree that conservatoire graduates need to spend time establishing their career. I don't think that necessarily means to the exclusion of doing some outreach school work though.
    I should think there are ways round these things if there was enough cash available....

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