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Tea and coffee

Discussion in 'Personal' started by yoitsjo, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Who gets the tea and coffee in your school? I am interested to see how other schools get theirs. Ours is paid for by school but we (the teachers) take it in turns to go and get it.
  2. Who gets the tea and coffee in your school? I am interested to see how other schools get theirs. Ours is paid for by school but we (the teachers) take it in turns to go and get it.
  3. We have a tea and coffee machine which costs 30p a time and delivers half a cup. This was decided upon to stop the squabbling about who used whose milk and people not paying up their tea and coffee money. I think it's quite sad. We are a massive school though which makes it harder to coordinate.
  4. The people that regularly drink tea and coffee pay termly for it. I think the office staff actually go out and buy it (I don't have hot drinks at school, so I don't know for sure.)
  5. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Everybody brings their own.
  6. I think there was a thread about this around 3 months ago.
    In my school teachers pay £10 every half term, this includes biscuits as well! [​IMG]
  7. Staff pay and a different year group is responsible each term.
  8. Thank you for your replies! It seems that we are lucky to have tea, coffee, milk and sugar paid for by school then! One year group per term is a good idea.
  9. School provides rough tea and coffee, sugar and milk. Half of our staff association subs pay for biscuits, and we go through a lot each half term. Easily about £100 worth. Many of us bring in our own tea bags as the school stuff is so awful.
  10. We just bring it in as and when we need it, but we have a FS/KS1 staffroom seperate to KS2 so its not too hard to coordinate. I dont drink hot drinks at work so I dont bother, but occasionally bring biscuits or treats.
  11. We each pay £10 a term to cover tea (PG tips, earl grey, red bush & fruity box) Coffee (normal & decaff), Hot Chocolate, Milk, Sugar, Sweetener & Biscuits.
    Each member of staff puts their money in the 'tin' & i buy the things we need each week at Sainsburys.
  12. School provides boiling water. The rest is provided individually by staff.
  13. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    School provides instant coffee, tea bags, sugar and long life milk in the staff room plus a constant supply of boiling water. If you want anything different you bring it in yourself. There are no biscuits.
    At break time there is someone who makes our drinks for us, loads, runs and unloads the dishwasher and keeps the kitchen area clean - what a treasure!!
  14. Thanks for your replies :) I just wondered how other schools get the tea and coffee really, rather than who pays for it as someone I spoke to thought it was strange that teachers went and bought it (even though paid for by school). Thanks for your replies!
  15. I have worked in 3 schools and in two the head provided the tea/coffee for free in the staffroom at break and a hot water boil for other times, and in the third a member of staff sold cups of tea and coffee at a counter and again a hot water boiler for other times.
  16. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Likewise here!
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    On a slightly different note, I visit many schools and invariably I am disgusted by the state of the sink area. Dirty cups, spoons and plates left all over with the inevitable note - please keep this place tidy. Then some mug cleans it up at the end of the day.
    I know playtimes are short but I'm sure it doesn't take too much effort to clean up the sink area.
  18. 50p a cup
  19. We pay £15 per year and that covers milk, sugar, tea and coffee only. We let everyone who visits share without paying. The order is made by the canteen staff when they order for school dinners.
  20. One staff member used to go to Costco and stock up - the keeper of the tea kitty who would have public naming and shamings when the y6 staff were late paying their dues again (they got a round of applause in a staff meeting when one paid for the entire school year in advance at one point)... head tended to pick up milk on the way in on a morning, or whoever'd popped to Sainsburys on their lunchbreak if we were running low in the fridge.
    One of the few schools I've actually put in for the tea kitty on - usually it's so politically charged and overpriced (I think I had to pay £21 for a 5 week half term in one school and the kitty forever turned a profit there) - but they had a really decent selection of stuff bought with the money that appealled to everyone here.

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