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tea & coffee costs...

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by GTP-er, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. This is probably the most petty 'dilemma' ever but I'd be interested to hear how your school funds staffroom beverages. My school charges everyone a small amount per week but it's a constant battle to cover costs and few people pay up without a fuss/delay. It's becoming a real issue as the school budget simply doesn't have the money to cover non-payment. A number of staff only ever drink water and don't even use the dishwasher as they rinse the glass they've used by hand. At the other end of the scale are staff who use communal milk for their breakfast and have 3-4 teas/coffees a day.
    Is there a solution to this that doesn't involve paying out lots of money for a vending machine? Are there any schools where staff bring in their own drinks or where non-drinking staff don't pay?
  2. How about putting a kettle in each faculty area (if you have rooms for faculties) and get them to sort out their own tea etc. We do this and it works. Or, sort out a flat fee of, say £15, and take it from salaries on Sept 1st. Our school also does this, so technically, I pay twice. However, I don't mind - it's next to nothing, and whenever I need tea, it is there. Only a miser would begrudge this tiny amount, equal to about 28p per week.
  3. I should probably have said, we're a primary school so don't have faculties. I don't think the flat fee idea would be terribly popular with our staff unless it was to include all sorts of drinks e.g. cola etc.
  4. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    We pay £2 which pays for tea, coffee (real and decaff) and sugar. Part timers pay pro rata. Those that don't drink any of these don't pay and provide their own. We pay up when the secretary tells us the kitty is empty. School pays for the washing up liquid as we need it for other things.
  5. At our primary it is £16 per half term for full timers and £11 for part timers.
    Some staff bring their own and pay £5 per year for washing up liquid etc.
  6. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    £10 per term (or until the kitty runs out) for full timers, pro rata for part timers. Those that don't drink tea or coffee don't pay. Biscuits on a Fri funded by this, people take it in turns to collect the money.
  7. Name and Shame to get them to pay up. Put a list on the fridge door of those who are drinking and thus paying towards the funds. Tick them off when they pay. If they don't after a specified day stop them using it. I found that was the only way to get the last few to pay. If they use milk for breakfast make them pay more.
  8. tangerinecat

    tangerinecat New commenter

    My last school:
    £15 per half term (less for part timers), covers tea, coffee, milk, squash and dishwasher.
    There is a list of everybody' s names in the staffroom, ticked off as they pay. The secretary will chase you if you haven't paid - and believe me, you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her!
  9. It's much easier to insist people make their own arrangements. IMO a school is that is concerned with arranging staff refreshments has not got enough to do.
    A nice tartan flask and some rich tea biscuits. Food of the gods.
  10. We pay for what we drink. I drink peppermint tea - which isn't provided - so really object to supporting other people's 'drug' habit[​IMG] Having said that I do contribute a small amount for dishwasher tablets and boiler repairs. I do have my breakfast at school but bring UHT milk for that. I did object to being told in a previous school that I had to pay for the electricity used to boil our team kettle. The finance office blanched when I asked to claim back the cost of the electricity used working on my laptop at home!!!! Aparently it only works one way....
  11. I work in a primary, a big one, and we also had this problem and in the end the admin lady got fed up with it and got us a vending machine for hot drinks. Everone hates it so much they all bring their own and the fridge is full of milk that is going off and arsey notes decorate the noticeboard along the lines of 'could whoever STOLE my milk please replace it NOW.' So I don't think this is a great solution either... I'm one who would always cough up as soon as I was asked and I don't even drink tea, but to keep the peace I'd pay my bit and it meant any visitor I had could have tea 'on me.'
    It's really sad that people who don't pay when asked (I'm including sponsor money etc in this. Makes everything a bit more miserable for everyone.
  12. [​IMG] Oh. My. God.
  13. We pay &pound;1 per week for full-timers and 50p for part-timers. That gets us tea / coffee / herbal <strike>cat pee</strike> tea / milk / squash.
    LMC (who has benefitted from going part time this term to the tune of &pound;2 a month as a result!!!)
  14. I work in a secondary and the school provides everything even down to cups and ladies who do the washing up! Never really thought about how lucky I was.
  15. nicebiscuits

    nicebiscuits New commenter

    This may sound petty but I really object to people who use milk in their cereal. basically they using as much in their bowl as I do in 3 weeks in my tea.
  16. We pay &pound;8 and the part timers pay &pound;4 for tea/coffee/milk/sugar/squash which lasts as long as it does and then we pay some more. We bring in biscuits/home made cakes when we feel we need them, at the end of a bad week the place is groaning with chocolate!
    Can't honestly say I've ever measured the amount of milk used by other people-those having their coffee black don't get a reduction in cost and those taking sugar aren't charged extra[​IMG]
  17. My last (secondary) school paid for tea, coffee and milk. Otherwise I think schools should provide kettles and people should provide their own drinks because this way no one can complain. As for milk: on the one hand there is powdered milk/"Completa", which you can keep locked away (I know it's not like "real" milk but we are not talking about gourmet experiences either, are we?); on the other hand if you cool a metal flask overnight in the freezer, then put milk into it, it will last for over a week without going off and without any additional cooling, so you can just keep it on your desk, in your locker, in a filing cabinet, whatever. I find it absolutely appalling that schools ask staff to pay for dishwasher tablets and the like!
  18. Worked in three schools each had a different way
    1. Governor's paid for tea/coffee/sugar and milk (anything out of that you provided yourself)
    2. Staff took it in turns to buy coffee/tea/sugar - school paid for milk
    3. Each pays an amount &pound;1.20 per week full time pro rata for part time (again speciality provided by individuals)

  19. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    Our school provides it all (everage sized primary). I've worked in a very small school where we all put into a kitty, and as there were so few staff there were no issues. I started off in a school where we were expected to pay £15 a term and the dragon of a school secretary used to chase people round and ask for the money loudly usually within earshot of SMT, to shame us into paying. As someone who only did 3 mornings a week and had to cover breaks for 2 of those mornings, therefore only having the opportunity for 1 cup of tea a week, I refused, drank tap water, and made myself quite unpopular! The school made so much profit out of this scheme, they bought a microwave out of it to put in the staff room. The headteacher did not see the irony of telling everyone this! I love the electricity story by the way! I think it's best for schools to recognise that all members of staff go that extra mile (they certainly do in our school) and a free cup of tea a couple of times a day is a pretty good deal for the school.
  20. trinity0097

    trinity0097 New commenter

    In my last school (state middle) tea and coffee came out of a kitty which people subscribed to if they wished. School paid for milk and tea/coffee for visitors.
    In my current school (independent prep) I can have 3 free meals a day, plus sandwiches/tea/coffee at morning break and bread/jam/tea at afternoon break! No fights over everything as it's all provided!

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