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TDA - When will funding be announced?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by theginge99, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I am one of the many people who haven't had a rejection letter from the uni I applied to to do a PGCE, but have not had any confirmation of a place either, does anybody know when the TDA will be announcing the funding situation? Their web site is very unhelpful on the topic.
  2. mon_ster

    mon_ster New commenter

    The date is now up on the TDA website 01/04/11 for funding confirmation.
  3. lol55

    lol55 New commenter

    Thanks for this information. Where exactly did you find it?? No doubt I am looking in the wrong place. I have been looking at this page for any news, and still see no date confirmation.
    Also, should we presume this is about the same time the tda will have figures for how many place allocations a university will be given??
    Thanks :D
  4. Hi monster
    Where did you get that from? I cant see that on the website.

    I really hope thats not correct or we will be hanging in limbo for months!
  5. I rang TDA today to ask about the GTTR incentive for repaying application fees (incidentally they reckon it will take about a month for repayments to be made if anyone's wondering), and while I was on the phone I asked about TDA budget announcements.
    They said that tuition fees were agreed yesterday (or it might have been last week...I can't remember now) but that the budget which decides how many students uni's will be taking on hasn't been decided but is on the cards...not much help I know, but it's something!
  6. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    This has been bugging me too. It feels like we're all in a weird sort of limbo, I've been offered a conditional place dependent on the budget announcements. Tbh I'm getting tired of people asking me at work if there's been a change and all I can do is say no. Getting student loans is going to be fun as well if we all get on this year...
  7. Couldn't see anything on the links above about the funding universities will receive - it all seemed to be about bursarys, grants etc for individuals.
    I just found this link on another forum however which is a statement from the chairman of the HEFCE which mentions the date 16 March. I don't claim to understand all of it but from what I can gather it's the closest we have to an actual date.
    The relevant quote:
    The link:
  8. HEy Stace, work is the same for me - I feel bad as I just fond out my job is being made permanent after 2 years ... I've had to sign away even though my boss knows i'm hoping to be gone by September. No one else knows and I want them to but daren't tell them till I know i have a place for sure.
    All this fustration will be worth it at Christmas when we're all loving our courses!
  9. I'm not sure that relates to teacher training funding
  10. The funding referred to only concerns undergraduate non-teaching courses, not BEd, BA with QTS and PGCE etc, which will be separately funded (called Mainstream Provision; there are other provisions for GTP, SKE etc) by the government through Dept for Education and communicated to TDA. They then decide how to allocate places to training providers using various formulas.
    There is no indication of when this will be announced.
    TDA says:
    ITT targets (places) for 2011/12 and beyond have not yet been decided by the DfE. ITT targets are principally based on the outcomes from the DfE's Teacher Supply Model (TSM). The DfE is undertaking further analysis to validate the outcomes from the latest version of the TSM, to ensure that projections are as accurate as possible. Until they are confident of the primary and secondary forecasts (and the subsequent disaggregation into separate secondary subjects) the targets will not be finalised.
  11. StaceE_88

    StaceE_88 New commenter

    The school I currently work at our carrying on under the assumption I won't be there next year, I've not be signed up for training courses in the summer teaching days ect. I just want to know so if it falls through then I need to get myself a job again!

    Fingers crossed we will be loving our courses, come on Gove!
  12. <font size="2">Anyone else realised this is April 1st.... Fool's day I think mon ster is having a good old laugh at our expense. I am in the same position I have a conditional place, filled in all the forms and have heard nothing it is so infuriating!!</font>
  13. I didnt even notice that. Im too uptight about this, its taking away my sense of humour!

  14. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    on the plus side I got an email earlier confirming my gttr payment reimbursement by the tda. 17 > 0...
  15. How do you get the TDA to refund the application fee? I don't remember them telling me about that!

    THis whole siutation is dire. I was told by the course organiser at IOE when I interviewed on January 10th that they had been told they have 21 places available for the 2011/12 academic year - that they's been informed of that the previous week. Now they say they don't know? Someone's telling fibs.

    Do they not realise that the people applying have lives, jobs (or about to finish uni) and need to be able to make plans should they get a place or not?

    Surely they go thorugh this process every year - why is this year taking so much longer and the, not keeping the aplicants fully informed.

  16. 21?! Is that it? What course it that for?!

    I know what you mean, I need to make back up plans, like whether I'll need to get a job after graduation etc.

  17. lol55

    lol55 New commenter

    Only certain people will.
  18. Thanks.

    I hope their criteria isn't a reflection on what funding will be available further down the line to students! I'm hoping to do ICT secondary so am not eligible for this refund. Oh well.

    (on a side note - how the hell doyou format these posts?! paragraphs etc?)

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