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TDA scholarships for Masters study - anyone got one in round 1?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by lollyxx, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Having been interested in studying a masters for a while but not being able to afford one, when the scholarship programme was launched I applied..... and as successful! I had an email on Monday to say I would be receiving a scholarship and that I would get a pack in the post.
    I have yet to receive it (I know its early!) but wondered if anyone else had received theirs?
    I am looking to study with the University of Derby and can potentially start the course in Jan but this won't be possible if I don't get everything through...
    Anyone know of time frames etc?
    If anyone else on here got one and if so where are you thinking of studying? I will be doing distance learning but would be great to know of other embarking on a masters too.
    Laura xx
  2. Hey,

    I got the scholarship too, delighted with it!

    I have yet to receive any paper work, I was told I would receive it all this week. Planning to start in January also and waiting for the paper work to come through.
  3. I'm halfway through my MA but applied for funding to complete it. I was successful too but haven't had my letter/pack through yet.

    I'll be studying at Sheffield Hallam.
  4. takethatno1fan

    takethatno1fan New commenter

    I got my email through too!! Have any of you been granted funding for a full masters?
    I've been granted the funding for a PGCert (first third of a Masters) in Early Maths Intervention at Edge Hill. what I intend to do is then apply for the funding for the diploma, then the Masters.
    I'm still awaiting the pack to come through, and I know that yesterday Edge Hill hadn't received any confirmation from the TDA that they are paying for the course, so my place is still not confirmed!
  5. I'm still waiting for derby to confirm my place.. But yes been given the full amount of £3,500... At lease I assume that's what they've given as that's what I've asked for! Has anyone had the amount confirmed? I had my pack through so got to get all the details put onto the form and get it sent off.. Very exciting but feel it's all very rushed.. Form has to be back by 18th jan!!

    Laura xx
  6. Hin


    I haven't got any response yet, is that bad news?
  7. Hin- email them and ask! I received 'both' emails- the successful and the unsuccessful one- so I had to email to confirm which I was!

    I have the form to fill in now by 18th January.
  8. Hin


    Thanks Haz, I've emailed.....fingers crossed!!
  9. Hin


    Thanks Haz, I've emailed.....fingers crossed!!
  10. Hin


    Update: I emailed and got this response:

    Thank you for your email.

    After a thorough interrogation of our records we are unable to trace an electronic record of the receipt of your application.

    In order to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, could you return an electronic copy of your application to this address, along with any evidence you may have of when this was first submitted. Please send this through by the close of business on Wednesday 21st December to allow a swift resolution.

    what a nightmare! Luckily, I've kept the sent item and receipt I got from them, guess this means the funding is out of the question!!

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