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TDA Budget announcement?????

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by theginge99, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Interview done, worrying done, letter of rejection conspicuously absent. Just waiting on the budget announcement for my first choice to let me know how many spaces they have and if I am high enough on the list to get a place. Does anyone have any idea how long we will have to wait?
  2. I'm in the same position as you...this waiting is killing me. The programme director at Hull University where I had my interview thought that they would know the first week or so in January so hopefully not much longer to wait. Where was your interview at?

  3. At Goldsmiths we were told the beginning of February.
  4. At Oxford Brookes we were told, when at interview on 18/11, that they were expecting the figures in the first few weeks of December.
    I just want to know 100% already.
  5. So many people are hearing different things ... on a previous thread on here some course leaders at Universities are saying they won;t hold their breath to hear before March! Even when the TDA hear about their budget, this still then needs to feed down to the providers so it could take even longer! I'm in the same boat too and keeping m fingers crossed its sooner rather than later!!
  6. There are four steps involved.
    Step One: The government tells TDA what the overall budget is for teacher training, divided between employment-based route (such as GTP), postgraduate route (e.g. PGCE) and undergraduate route (e.g. BEd, BA with QTS etc).
    Step Two: TDA allocates places to training providers, based on a formula involving quality of training, under or overrecruitment in recent years and entry qualifications etc. So, for example, the Pennine University will be told thery will have funding for 50 places on Maths PGCE, 40 on English, 50 on Primary and 45 on BEd.
    Step Three: Each training provider analyses its allocation and decides the final number of places. So the Pennine Uni may decide 60 on Maths PGCE (50 funded and 10 non-funded, such as overseas students) and 25 on Lower Primary and 25 on Upper Primary PGCE and so on.
    Step Four: Firm offers are made and communicated to applicants.
    So don't expect a decision involving your place any time soon!
  7. Hi Alec,
    You seem to know an awful lot about the process, do you work for the TDA? Maybe you can explain to us why some universities have confirmed places to applicants and some haven't?
  8. harderfaster

    harderfaster New commenter

    I can't speak on behalf of anybody else but what I originally thought was a confirmed offer turned out, on closer inspection of the letter, to be conditional on my provider's budget allocation. What I'm saying is that perhaps none of these 'offers' are at all certain, however some universities are being more open about this than others?
  9. I see, thanks for that. I suppose it's better to wait for a more sound offer than to be given one that could be taken away. I would just like to know for definite that they are not going to offer me a place so that I can plan which steps to take next.
  10. I can tell you that Alec's advice above is 100% accurate. I can add that as a PGCE Course Leader I have not yet been told by TDA what our allocation of places is (and I don't know if TDA have been told their funding allocation by DoE). No firm offers are being made by any ITE institution until the information about allocations is out. We have no idea when this will happen, anybody that suggests a date is engaging in (hopeful) speculation.
  11. I just spoke to the TDA - they still have no idea when they will be given their budget by the government.
  12. I was told by the NASUWT rep in my school that the government should not be changing any places that have been offered to 2011 entry PGCE places as it would cause too much disruption and that all reviews will be done this year for 2012 entry.I asked her how she knew and she explained that Unions are always given the information first. Whether she was trying to make me feel better as I am waiting for my place to be confirmed I don't know!! She found this information out on the last day of term before Christmas.
  13. thats good to hear! lets hope this is the case
  14. I'm really sorry, but your NAS/UWT rep is talking bo**ocks! Absolutely no one knows the governments intention with regard to places on PGCE courses, and the unions would be the last to know quite frankly!
  15. It shouldn't, but if as a result of cutbacks a uni finds itself unable to run the course you apply for, then you may be out of luck as well.
  16. Exactly right Alec. Coming from Canada, and paying fees, you are supernumerary to any allocation of funded places an ITE provider will receive from TDA. However, if TDA dramatically reduces the number of funded places, an ITE provider could decide that a particular course is not economically viable and choose not to run it at all ... in which case your place goes also I fear.

  17. Thans so much! It has been difficult to find information on this!

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