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Tax return for private tutor

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Lindseydoyle, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Hello, sorry if this has been asked and answered elsewhere; I did try searching. I have also posted this on the Finance Forum as I was not sure where was best.

    I am having to fill in my first ever tax return as I informed HMRC that I was receiving untaxed income from tutoring.

    I have calculated the amount I can offset for driving to my tutees' homes (45p per mile - that was clear from their website) and have an invoice for books I purchased to use, but I have read that I can also claim for other expenses like telephone use, photocopying, printing, possibly a portion of my broadband costs and maybe even £4 a week towards heating and lighting (NB, not sure this is applicable - I do not tutor from home, but I do carry out preparation there).

    My question is: is there an accepted amount (maybe per hour of tutoring?) which I can claim for?

    If not, how do I calculate what I have spent on these items?

    Thank you in anticipation of your help.

  2. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    I have just done my first one. Don't forget that the mileage is a return journey!!

    I found somewhere on the hmrc site a bit that told me how much you can claim towards heat and light and phone etc, it was something like £10 per month if you did so many hours from home (don't forget planning) and then there was another bracket for £18 a month if you did more, can't remember how many hours it was though!! Keep all receipts for pens / paper / ink and all that stuff,

    best of luck! It's not that bad if all your figures are up to date....
  3. GordonNome

    GordonNome New commenter

    I have a bookkeeper who helps me to sort it all out. As guide though, I claim the following as expenses:

    Petrol (return trip of course)

    Stationary (paper, pens, laminating pouches, card, printer cartridges etc)

    Teaching resources (books, DVDs, games, dice, CDs etc)

    Professional memberships

    CRB/DBS disclosures

    Website maintenance and hosting costs

    Advertising (newsagents, web, etc)

    Technology (all of the mobile bill for my tutor phone, 50% of our Broadband bill, 100% of my business laptop, 60% cost of my MP3 player....)

    Electricity and Gas (there was some complicated calculation based on how much of each room I use and how often)

    Tea/coffee/refreshments bought for my clients or for myself for use in business hours

    Refreshments bought as part of my teaching (French Café sessions)

    Public Liability Insurance

    The premium charged on our home insurance due to the business (they very helpfully gave me a letter confirming how much extra they charge us each year)

    Bookkeeper charges!
  4. For the working from home part there is a 'formula' somewhere on the HMRC site. I added up all the bills I should offset- electricity, gas, broadband, phone, mortgage interest etc. I then divided these by how many main rooms in the house (because I use 1 room for the prep). I then worked out how many hours I used in prep time and divided the cost between how much the room was used for work time vs home time. I arrived at £3/week which is what I use.
  5. Thank you all for your replies - yes, I have calculated return journeys!

    I actually waited on the HMRC helpline and spoke to an adviser as I needed general help with the online filing too, and she said that I could claim the £4/week (as I plan at home although see tutees at their homes) instead of calculating percentages of broadband, telephone, printing etc...so that is what I will do this time, especially as I don't have receipts for ink cartridges etc to hand. Hoping to submit it very soon as I see the bill has to be paid before 31st too!
  6. reva13

    reva13 New commenter

    Hi Gordon. Thanks for the help - I have certainly missed some of these tricks which could have saved be hundreds (I'm a full time tutor!) I just wanted to query "Tea/coffee/refreshments bought for my clients or for myself for use in business hours" I used to tutor about ten hours a week in coffee shops and had meticulously saved up hundreds of pounds worth tea receipts, thinking that I could tax deduct them. I was told that these would not be tax deductible as they went down as "client entertainment." I was somewhat miffed at this because I would perhaps not have bought all those drinks every week had I known! If you know anymore about what can and can't be expensed, please do share! Thanks
  7. Georginalouise

    Georginalouise New commenter

    In the past I've provided 'revision sessions' for groups of teenagers sitting the same exams and I've been able to claim for refreshments provided at these sessions. Eg a couple of bottles of diet coke and numerous crisps and chocolate biscuits. It's probably only amounted to £20 or so per year, and I don't do it every year, but my accountant has allowed it.
  8. GordonNome

    GordonNome New commenter

    Indeed. You are not allowed to entertain your client but you can claim "subsistence" for refreshments consumed by you if you are between clients and do not have time to return home. I'm not sure how much though as it is something I rarely do.

    The tea/coffee I claim for is tea bags and a jar of coffee for when I make drinks in my own premises.

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