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Tax Relief for IFL Membership Fee

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by chatolee, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Why is no-one talking about this? Is it all a rumour? A colleague spoke to our local tax office and they confirmed that we could claim and should get it. In fact, IFL themselves have a template for us to complete and send to the Inland Revenue.
    This is NOT in defence of the IFL or of their charging a fee - it's just a bit of information for those of us who feel we are obliged to pay despite the union telling us to wait. I am also surprised that the Union has not made the information re the tax relief widely known - has anyone had information from them? All I am getting is e-mails telling me to keep on waiting (which I am doing by the way). However, I will not feel comfortable waiting beyond the 1st April so shall avail myself of the above facility if I have to.
  2. Do you bother to read posts on here or are you one of those who only takes a glance and makes a decision on behalf of the writer as to the intention?
    You need to get "real" and understand that there are those whose jobs are being placed under threat by their employers if they don't renew their membership. This information was for them - <u>not</u> for those who can afford to ignore such consequences.

  3. Absolute rubbish.
  4. Which (despite the rubbishers) is why the unions are all(?) querying the levying of the fees form us directly.
  5. I think I'd prefer complete IfL relief thanks.

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