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Tax Credits

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by timboleicester123, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. Yes they said this to me too but i told them on the phone that as i was only working 2 days a week this year it would be much less so he added it up there and recalculated it and then i was awarded ththe mioney...i think you have to work not less that 16 hours a week to qualify or more i cant remember but its on the site where you apply.
  2. What an unpleasant reply. I suppose they are called low wage tax credit... i applied for tax credit
    as i am 50 + and returned to a part time job after a length of unemployement and by the way if you think 135 quid a month is somethig to brag about then ... well what can i say....... I cannot understand you can accuse me of bragging out of the blue in a random post desgined to help people who might be eligible for a bit more money in a climate where were are mostly in the *****...i dont know what your issue is but need to think before you post such things.
  3. You only get working tax credits if you are working and this is based upon your income so if above a certain amount etc, this will go down. Hope that helps. You also may get more money if you work over 30 hours but again assessed by how much your overall income is etc.
  4. darkness

    darkness New commenter

    The fact is there are a great deal on supply who cannot claim and end up having to choose between JSA or working on supply. Considering your original post had absolutely no details whatsoever, it came across as bragging. Something some could see as being rather insensitive to those who have had to choose between dire circumstances and doing supply or simply switching to JSA and not working.

    There was absolutely not a single thing within your original post which sought to help others. Where did you state the tax credits you got and the category etc, only after asking you have supplied the info.

    I am pleased you have been able to claim money and continue to do supply. it does explain it though now you mention 50+ as there is another category .

    And I am genuinely pleased for you. The struggles of supply teachers have for too long not been heard. Never mind, reading the tone of a post on the boards is not an easy task.

    Anyway, something for people to consider, check your contracts with agencies, there may be a way for you to get working tax credit if your contracts state you are self employed. Apparently for this category it is not based on the hours you work but on earnings.
  5. Listen Mister
    If my post was devoid of info i don't see how you could then assume i was bragging. I posted a few months back asking for advice as they were about to repossess the house as i wasn't getting enough work and lots of people were very supportive. I wanted to share with people that I was getting tax credits and hoped that some might find it useful and think about applying for themselves.
    That you found my post scanty I apologies, you might have asked for details either privately or on the thread. I have more than enough **** in my life to have the likes of you try to paint me out to be something i am not... It is precisely because people on here (including myself) are in the direst straights thats i posted...so how dare you reply in the way you did. you ought to be ashamed of yourself mate.

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