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Taste and Smell

Discussion in 'Science' started by electro-web, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter


    I've mentioned in another thread my difficult year 10 class (who I actually quite like, but are totally disengaged).

    I need to do some stuff on smell and taste and how they're linked. Any suggestions for things I can bring in for them to try to explore and perhaps play around with the senses a little bit. I was thinking along the lines of orange juice with food colouring so they're not expecting it to be orange, etc. It's a small group, only 7, so I have space to get them sampling lots of stuff.
  2. One idea that you could try would involve using flavoured crisps. The students would work in pairs. One would either wear a blindfold (or be trusted to close his eyes), his partner would hold under his nose a particular flovour of crisp while puting into his open mouth a different flavour of crisp. Example the student gets to taste a smokey bacon flavoured crisp while smelling a cheese & onion flavoured crisp. Are the senses of taste and smell confused by this & to what extent?
    Different flavour combinations could be tried.

    Health & Safety...This of course should be carried out under very hygenic conditions. Ideally a Domestic Science room should be used. If a science room is to be used a risk assesment should be carried out ( Risk eating in lab ).
  3. electro-web

    electro-web New commenter

    Ooooh, good idea. We came up with mixing around the packets so they might be expecting salt and vinegar but got cheese and onion, but tasting one and smelling another is perfect.
  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I recall back in the dark ages of O level Biology doing a prac where small pieces of apple, onion and something else (can't recall) were placed on a blindfolded volunteer's tongue. No chewwing allowed. They had to guess which one was which. It is impossble until you chew and then you can smell what you have in your mouth. (Thinking the third thing may have been raw potato).

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