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Tassomai vs. Educake

Discussion in 'Science' started by MsAstrocyte, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. MsAstrocyte

    MsAstrocyte New commenter

    Hi all,

    With the increased demand of the reformed Science GCSEs and linear examinations, I am exploring the idea of using Tassomai or Educake to support consolidation of learning, formative assessment and revision for assessments in our Science dept.

    I've done some research already and can see some pros and cons of both (eg. the pricing seems to be considerably different).

    Just wondering if anyone is using either Tassomai or Educake (or both!) in their departments and can offer any opinions/ideas, etc.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I've used educake. Some kids like it and use it off their own bat. Others don't bother and then you end up chasing them just the same as regular homework. The feed back is OK although marking is clunky and really takes just as long or longer then marking a question in a book. HoDs like it because not only can they track the kids they can also track the staff!
  3. Educake

    Educake New commenter

  4. Goodmousegerald

    Goodmousegerald New commenter

    We use educake in our department and I think it is excellent value for the cost. Tassomai is extremely expensive and charges on a per pupil basis, whereas Educake has a fixed cost meaning you can roll it out all the way down through KS3 easily. This will get students used to using it before moving onto KS4 work.

    Again it is good for setting homework tasks on, and I like the fact that you can monitor before the due date. Having a quick look before a task is due and giving a reminder to students who have not yet completed it makes it easier to ensure that you are not chasing up afterwards. (though yes I do see that this is just chasing before, but at least they are getting it done on time)

    I do think it does not have some of the functionality that we would like, for example it is difficult to get performance figures for a whole year group etc on specific questions etc. Tassomai does have some nice features with the frequencies of questions appearing changing based on student answers and also the keeping track of performance and encouraging regular use.

    With the cost difference though I would definitely recommend Educake for what you get from it

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