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Tassomai for 2016 / 2017?

Discussion in 'Science' started by r.fulford, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. r.fulford

    r.fulford New commenter

    Afternoon all,

    My school is considering using a software program called Tassomai to help students with GCSE Science AO1 content. Does anyone have any feedback if they've used it? recommendations for implementation? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Teaching_Tricks

    Teaching_Tricks Occasional commenter

    Have a look at https://www.educake.co.uk/ does much the same and costs £480 for ALL staff and ALL students for a year!
  3. Educake

    Educake New commenter

    Thanks for the recommendation Teaching_Tricks!
    Teaching_Tricks likes this.
  4. Teaching_Tricks

    Teaching_Tricks Occasional commenter

    Pleasure - I am loving using Educake with my students :D

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