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TAs working during school holidays

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by bubbalicious1, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. sorry but as a hlta i have to disagree. i dont want to be a teacher. i dont want to be used as a supply teacher (which has happened lots of times ) i dont want the responsibility of organising lessons for a class with 5 mins notice because the teacher hasnt left planning and i dont know what they were doing yesterday! i dont know what the national curric suggests for every subject for the whole of ks1 & 2. hlta status says we should be planning lessons with the support of a teacher but how many of us do this without support.
    we cant win - we want to support teachers but sometimes they forget we arent trained teachers- i've never been given any training on what to do when leading a class just expected to get on with it. gtp and nqt staff get more support than we do. most of us dont want teachers pay- just fair treatment and a salary that reflects what we do. not something that looks great on paper but when its adjusted (coz we dont work all year-yes because the school's shut and only restricted hours because its all the budget allows for) becomes only marginally more than we got as a standard ta . try asking your ta's what they are paid -it's a lot less than you think.
  2. Hi, i too work in notts.
    I think there has been discussion over holidays etc due to the new job evaluation. At the moment there are dscussions in place to protect our working conditions. A lot of TAsare paid for 32.5 hours (ft) and are paid holidays-this was agreed by the unions when we went to the grade 1,2,3 system.
    The worry has been that we will lose holiday pay-so instead of getting full time money it will go term time only and we'll lose however many weeks pay.
    The other issue was going to 35 hr weeks like other council workers-this isn't changing as yet.
    I know in other counties TAs have been made to work in the holidays-but i think that's a local thing or even a school thing. The heads near us realise how much they get from us in good will. eg, lunchtime meetings, staff meetings, club after school, working through breaks and lunches etc.
    your union will let you know as things change. Our biggest worry is if it goes National-as i feel that is when we could lose out. Relatively, in Notts/Nottm city, we do ok.

    sorry, long post!
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    We have been assured by our Union that there is no question of any support staff being 'levelled-down' under the new National agreements being discussed by the SSSNB - however, from what you say it sounds as though notts still hasn't implemented Single Status and that is likely to end some of your current terms and conditions.
    All-year-round pay for TAs who don't work in the holidays (and the majority of us actually couldn't do that even if we wanted to!) is seen as a major inequality, and a shorter working week would almost certainly fall into that category too so you are right to suspect that your existing pay system is under threat I'm afraid.
    Here in brum many TAs have actually signed the new Single Status contracts this month and I suspect some don't fully realise the things they have signed away yet!
  4. As a TA in a primary school I often work during the holiday and on school inset days. TA's in my school have to plan and time is not given during the normal school day as it is difficult to find when children are in school. Any major class room moves are made during the hoidays and TA's are asked to help with this - any time given to these activities are unpaid and up to the individual TA but if you don't plan what do you do when you have to e.g. take a phoics session and or spellingtets, handwriting pratice etc......
  5. Some of you have a hard time, your HTs really need to keep up. I am lucky as an HLTA I get paid for all the hours I work (30) and paid for 43+ weeks of the year (holiday pay earned). When I work Inset days I get paid for the hours I attend, as part of my HLTA contract I have agreed to attend all inset days, but being paid for them is no loss. I have my own PPA time for planning any lessons I cover for teachers PPA and also planning/working time for my specialty which I am trusted to allocate and then document for the HT. Yes I do do a little overtime, but not much and it is not expected. Once a year our HT asks for volunteers to staffa whole school trip which ends later than the normal school day, no-one has to volunteer and there is not pressure. So not all HTs etc take advantage.
    I would suggest to those of you who do more than your contracted hours, keep a note of how much and what you do and then ask for an interview which whoever is your direct leader. It may be that they don't realise, perhaps you should be grown up and tell them. If they do realise, make sure that they don't continue to abuse your goodwill.
  6. Absolutely no way should HLTAs be paid on teachers salary scale, HLTAs are not qualified enough, putting in a few bits of paper in a file then being awarded HLTA status is absolutely rubbish, plus HLTA is only a status not a qualification, its only worth 40 credits on the point system for UCAS whereas Foundation Degrees are worth 240 points plus all the TAs out there who have done or doing the FD are properly qualified.
  7. Oh come on. Give us HLTAs a break. NO we are NOT teachers, and I, (and I suspect most others) have no inclination to do so. I know it is a status and not a qualification, but out in the real world a degree is only as good as the paper it is written on. When I see the standard of students (some, to be fair), these days I cringe to think that they will be tomorrow's teachers. And yes some of them do pass even though they have poor subject knowledge in the core subjects. Does a degree make for a good teacher? - NO. Experience does, and that is what HLTAs have so why not treasure that instead of constantly attacking us. We can't win. By the way I get paid HLTA rate for all my hours.
    I accept that in an ideal world there should be more teachers instead but we have to get on with the way it is.
    Anyway, back to the main thread. Working during the holidays? NO! If the work can't be done during normal school hours then the issue needs looking at. More staff? Release time for preparation? While you agree to work holidays then heads will continue to expect it. Yes I often work a few minutes over my paid hours, and I always arrive early, but in general it doesn't amount to much. However I don't feel guilty if I have to ask for time off for doctors and dentist appointments. Keep holidays clear of work.
  8. It's not the normal TA work done in school, but such things as holiday clubs and activities that play workers would be employed to do. Wouldn't it be better to just employed these people during the school holidays rather than spreading TAs even more thinly?
  9. Hi, we have just been told that all year round TAs are to be put on 30 days holidays and we have to work the rest. To be honest I need the break away from the kids as we all need that time to refresh. We already do extra hours due to single status. Has anyone heard about this at all? I am getting very disillusioned with education. Does anyone with union contacts know what is happening?
  10. Nothing has been said about this in my authority. But as we only have term time contracts we could not be made to work when we are not paid. I have often wondered if someone would ask those paid on full time contracts to work for weeks they are paid.
    Obviously, contracts would have to be changed, which would take some time and negotiations. If they decided to enforce it, which they can with sufficient warning (grr) I wonder if they would give you the options of being paid/working term time or continue to be paid as you are but working during the school hols?

    I am term time but also put in many hours unpaid too
  11. champansara

    champansara New commenter

    ''Unfortunatly HLTA ' S are above themselves as usual frustrated wanabe teachers who have forgotton they have a status and not a qualifacation no way should you be paid on the teachers scale ''.
    -a tad harsh on HLTAs don't you think? And quite a generalisation too. I acheived HLTA status last year, and no, I don't think HLTAs shoud earn as much as teachers, but something approaching the national average income would be nice. I would quite like to earn enough to support my family without having to resort to government help.
    Idealy all TAs would get annual increments at a similar percentage as teachers for experience, as many TAs stay on practically the same income year after year.
    And TBH, yes I did consider teaching as a career, but now I am not sure that is what I want any more having experienced the education setting. I don't consider myself as a ' frustrated, wanabe' teacher. If I wanted to, I could!
  12. I don't want to be a teacher. I love being a TA. I am paid by the hour. One of the reasons I don't want to be a teacher is all the marking at home during evenings, weekends and holidays. When I go home, I leave work behind at the school gates.

    I have very good relationships with teaching staff and senior management. I am very glad indeed that I don't work with some of the teachers who have posted here. Very hostile! Perhaps it's defensiveness?
  13. As an HLTA, I do not act or feel 'above myself'. I have worked hard to gain my status, and you are wrong to assume we are all wannabe teachers. We provide cover for teachers for PPA time. If HLTAs were not around, you would be forced to cover on the wages you get. Believe me, HLTA wage is not much more. In fact there are TAs who get paid for 52 weeks of the year on a 37 hour contract who get paid far more than I.

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