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TAs working during school holidays

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by bubbalicious1, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone
    while working temporarily as a TA at my local school in Nottinghamshire I've been hearing
    a lot of talk about TAs having to work during the school holidays in the future.
    Is this something that's definately going to happen, or are the County Councils
    just trying to scare us with a "be grateful you've got a job" tactic?
    Anyone in the know on this one?
    Many thanks
  2. It is definately going to happen. Hasnt your union been in touch? It is a national thing not local. Its ment to be so everyone has equal contracts. They dont seem to realsie that not all of us want to work over the holidays and for some term time only is why we work in schools when the money so so rubbish.
  3. I don't really understand how Teaching Assistants can work during the school holidays when there are no children are at school?
    Would it mean that your pay packet would increase I wonder?
  4. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    It depends whether your annual salary is term time only
  5. Oh no it isn't.
    Not yet, at any rate as there are no 'national' terms and conditions for TAs and won't be until the SSSNB have negotiated an agreement with whoever is the next govt. And no-one exactly knows what the result of negotiations will be as far as hours/holidays is concerned.
  6. Could this be due to T A s and support workers wages being pro rata and not worked the hours back that are owed . Some T As struggle but there are a lot that do over and above hours owed . It all balls down to what we can actually use the time for e.g sharpening pencils at say 15.30 for half hour or washing paint pots or even tidying away the early years toys and large equipment noooooooooooooooo way your Head will be saying ! Your Head will be saying you can use your payback for twilights , afterschool activities , breakfast clubs and school trips ect but its up to you to find the time to do displays ,cleaning , stock controll in your working day ,100 % of the time in your paid lunch time !
  7. does this mean that we will be paid for the holidays instead of our wages being split over 12 monthly payments (i think not) you would'nt believe how much time myself and my colleagues stay behind after our working hours not only that we already go in during the holidays to setup our areas and we take work home we have plans to do we have parents evening to do and we assist in writing the reports for our key worker groups this is all done in our own time. im not sure i could give much more time and not get paid extra. I work in reception class this isn't so all the way through the school just in reception yet my pay is only the same as a TA of the same level working in year 1 and up.
  8. I`ve not heard anything concerning this other than the possibility that if you work over your contracted hours of work then you will be paid pro rata for those hours. I suppose it all depends on your contract of employment and whether you are employed term time or annualy. If term time then you can only be asked to work in those alloted contractual times - any major deviation from this is a breach of your contract. I have always found that most TAs work well in excess of their contractual weekly hours, which in my case is 32.5 hours per week.
    I have found also that unions that represent TAs differ from school to school so that TAs are represented by many different unions. What is needed is just one nationwide representative body that all TAs belong to. Such a move would provide us with the most powerful voice in education
  9. This kicked off in our local coucil over the last 12-18 months too. We had union advice and support. We were told it was a national thing and that our council was supposedly one of the last in the country to adopt the system. I found this hard to believe because I felt there would have been more backlash from it in the media if this had been the case! Basically what has happened is that our jobs were evaluated taking into account skills, training, experience and years of service. We were awarded pay rises with one hand - but told how many extra hours we would then need to work to be entitled to it. We had to agree the terms or could appeal. To appeal had no guarentees and could have meant we ended up unemployed. By agreeing we were then asked if we wanted to work extra hours to keep the pay or keep the same hours but take a paycut. The required extra hours were outlined. I worked 25 hours a week and wanted to keep the same pay so have to work an extra 37 mins a day! At first it was suggested that this would be "absorbed" by school trips, staff meetings, jobs during part of lunch time etc but it wasn't long before our head decided that any extra time must be officially timetabled! I used to go in up to an hour early every morning and used to roll my sleeves up and get on with it. I often used to stay after school to do displays etc, often taking work home to finish and always worked through my dinner time to prepare for the afternoon sessions. My colleagues all did the same. When we found how petty things were getting we made a pact that we would work only to our alloted hours - and no more. I now do not start till bang on 9am and walk out at 3.37pm each day - never taking work with me. I also leave the school premises during the full lunch break. I am probably working less now than I did before! There is no incentive do anything over and above the call of duty anymore and the ones that are missing out are the teachers that we work with - so sad. I left nursing to take up this career 20 years ago and could weep at the way things are going in our schools today.[​IMG]
  10. This is also going through in my local authority and for about 18 months we have had lots of discussions about it. T.As do not get paid for lunch breaks but do they ever get a full lunch break? No. We have a weekly lunch-time team meeting and it always take place, even if we have a twilight booked for the same evening. Teachers get paid lunches, we do not, so it should not be compulsory but it is. As the moment, as things have not yet been ratified by Unions or the Council we should only work 3 insets. However, our head has told us we will do four and then she will pay us for the fifth one which will be done in 3 twilights of two hours each. We don't get a choice, we have to do them even though 'overtime' is supposed to be optional. We all do work at home, we never leave on time, and we all arrive early. The teachers we work with are on at least twice our salary and the head of department is on 4 times my pay. Most of us have degrees or are working towards one, and have to fit study in at home as well as everything else, and if we say we do not want to do a twilight we are accused of not being a team member. When we have our 'new parents'; parent's evenings in June we will HAVE to attend even if they clash with something personal, which in most of our cases they do.When I began this job I thought I would be doing it for the long term but I am now actively seeking employment out of education which is very sad as I know that I have a lot to offer and I love being with the children.
  11. HI
  12. Having been employed as a NNEB for 15years on 'full time' status that helped with being paid 100% salary and pension and having the time to complete the roles and responsibilities I have as a NNEB. Taking on the role as HLTA for the past 3 years, with the same responsibilites and new roels, I now work a 32hr week at 40wks of the year, albeit more money, but the workload doesn't justify the hours of contract....... It isn't fair or should be expected that i do work in my own time. We all give goodwill, but the workload agreement has not made the job very agreeable for the support staff. I see Teachers teaching less and support staff teaching more - including those who are only level 1/2. Support staff are employed by the LEA and its Local Government terms and conditions and in affect are 'council workers - public servants - after 15yrs as a NNEB my holiday entitlement was 32days leave - that was taken during school holidays, about 13wks closed to children. This is one of the problems with being under a local government terms and conditions but working in a role that didn't match with the term and conditions.
    I would gladly work the extra 7wks (the remaining weeks are my holiday entitlements) when the school is closed to go in and catch up on admin paperwork for my responsibilites, the displays, preparation, planning etc.
    And with the mention of equal contracts - who is it equal for? certainly isn't for those who are HLTA. More has to be done, fairness for all. HLTA staff should be paid 100% salary and on the Teacher's Salary scale, terms and conditions.
  13. I can not see why an HLTA should be paid on the Teacher's salary scale as they are not qualified teachers but a "higher level" teaching assistant and they should not be teaching classes all the time.
  14. In full agreement that TAs should only work the hours they are paid for.

    As an aside, teachers are not paid for their lunchbreak. Supply teachers are paid for 'contact time' only. It is not part of a contracted teacher's directed hours though break time usually is.

    Teachers are actually paid their salary for 195 days per year (+ however long needed to get the job done!) Pay, however, is split equally over the 12 months.
    'Currently, the STPCD provides a contractual limit of 1,265 hours of directed time per annum for full-time classroom and excellent teachers in England and Wales. Headteachers can specify how this directed time is used. The 1,265 hours of directed time must be spread over a maximum of 195 days, 190 days of which are with pupil contact. '

  15. This is the first time I've ever heard of this!?!?!?!

    But maybe we are already doing it...?

    We are contracted to work all the school term days "+5" which covers all the INSET days which we have to attend.There is a complicated formula to work out pro rata as the majority of us work 27 1/2 hours a week (which basically boils down to 9 - 3.30, but all of us start school earlier than that and usually dont get away before 3.45 at least. There is an hour and a half staff meeting once a week after school which most of us attend, but it is not compulsory.And we all plan stuff for PPA cover and our own various groups (eg phonics,etc) which usually means doing thing at home. We could do with our own PPA time!!!
  16. bluebell27

    bluebell27 New commenter

    I am one of those TAs who are still on a 52 week contract. {was going to say lucky but actually it's not luck just a contract I signed 18 years ago!] I also realise that as soon as our Job evaluation is complete [won't be for at least another year yet] that this will change and we will be pro rata. However, our head says he will increase our hours from 32.5 to 37 hrs as most of us to over the 32.5 anyway so won't be much different to what we are doing now, but could be a way to balance out the loss of pay. However, if the opportunity arose I wouldn't say no to working during the holiday. Always loads of planning, sorting my resources out and other stuff around school. It wouldn't be a problem for me at all.
  17. Unfortunatly HLTA ' S are above themselves as usual frustrated wanabe teachers who have forgotton they have a status and not a qualifacation no way should you be paid on the teachers scale .
  18. Now what does the S in QTS stand for again?[​IMG]

  19. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    To be fair-QTS is gained by doing a post-graduate qualification though!
  20. Thank you .

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