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TAs pressured to teach

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by edwardlyn, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Survey of teaching assistants by Unison - 66% say they are actively teaching. Feel morally pressured to take classes.

  2. Survey of teaching assistants by Unison - 66% say they are actively teaching. Feel morally pressured to take classes.

  3. This report is a bit dated-June 2010. Things have developed further since then. It does confirm though that much of the cover is by tas, not hltas, much of the time tas are asked to cover classes with no warning or plans to work with, therefore winging it with little training base to do, tas are being pushed into this role, most feel exploited, especially to earn £10 an hour to do the teaching job and SEN children are suffering because the support work is being dropped.
    None of this is news really, supply on TES have been reporting this for years, just lacked the data of a survey to establish facts.
    Where were the union reps when you needed them? Astaire come back and deal with the mess you've (your union) has left.
    If the government acts on this, it will, IMO, just be to legitimise the current situation, and extend it further into the permanent role. Already it pushes for Academies, and their right to employ regardless of teacher status.
    Improving standards in education? No. This is about reducing the costs of education. Some future government will have to grapple with the chaos that is about to ensue.
  4. It is so exploitative on so many levels. I wonder how many parents realise that their children are often taught by non-teachers. When I told my friends the reason why I'm not getting much supply work, they didn't know TAs were allowed to teach and were shocked at how often this can happen. We need to make sure all our non-teaching friends with children are aware of what is happening as I'm sure most people don't realise.
  5. It's not unusual for TAs to reply, when asked about their work, "I'm in teaching."
  6. When I saw my MP a few weeks ago he admitted that few people knew what was going on in schools about cover.
    Schools are required to make pupils, staff and parents aware of what their cover policies are but how many do this? Look on school web sites and see if they publich a cover policy document on their site. I have looked at many such sites and I have yet to see such a cover policy document.
    We all need to publicise this cover situation as much as possible by writing to local MPs, papers, TV and radio channels etc. I would also encourage as many as possible to attend a demonstration to be held at Westminster of April 11 th which will be highlighting the present cover situation in schools and the harmful effects this is having on staff employement and the effects on schildren's education.
  7. Let's face it, a lot of them are over-achieving and enjoy pretending to be big-time (lol). Most people don't have a problem with this. Personally, they are in the position to be working and taking home the money, I vote they shut up and get on with it! It is really a laughable situation, but who will take the power back from the heads? Ans:- No-one, hence it is a total futile exercise moaning about it. I don't think it's that prevalent for UNISON to cause everything to grind to a big communist halt!
  8. I do think if more parents knew what was happening then some would put pressure on their school to justify it. Not all schools use TAs to cover. The Head at my own children's school always uses qualified teachers as far as I am aware.

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