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TA's planning and teaching whole RE curriculum-is it right?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by lilydawn3, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. I, along with 4 other TA's (NVQ3 qualified) plan and teach the whole RE curriculum across all years groups in our primary school when we cover teachers PPA time.
    I have begun to get worried if Ofsted come in if we should be doing this and teachers have started to complain that TA's are not qualified and should not be doing this too. Our management say it's fine, but I would just like some advice from other TA's if you do it in your schools?
    Thanks you
  2. pete14

    pete14 New commenter

    No it is not right but I suspect you are not in a unique position. If Ofsted pick up on it and are bothered to include it in the school's report, it cannot be interpreted as criticism of you because you are following instructions and have made your unwillingness to do so clear. Why not suggest they employ a teacher with an interest and possibly qualification in RE and you volunteer to take over responsibility for Maths instead? The reaction will probably be priceless.
  3. The situation with RE has become so eroded, part of me is thinking, at least the kids are getting regular RE lessons. SACREs are completely toothless now in their monitoring of RE locally.
  4. You are so right, we TA's who are teaching this put so much into it and we have said the children never used to learn RE apart from watch a video once in a while, so at least they are getting some.

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