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TA's in international schools

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by SUgar1, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I have the most fabulous TA that anyone could ever hope for! I have told her that if I could take her with me then I would. What are the TA's like in international schools though? Can I expect the same that I get from my current TA?
  2. Excuse the apostrophes in the wrong place! We really should be able to edit posts on this forum!
  3. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    TA's overseas arev generally very good, as good as those in UK.
    Many are qualified and/or doing qualifications.
    However, depends on which school, plus there are the odd one or two who are lacking.
  4. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    When you have prepared your post, go to the 'preview' tab next to the 'compose' tab. This shows you what it will look like, and spelling mistakes etc can be seen more easily.
    You can continue to compose or correct if you need to.
    Spelling is a common thing for people to pick up on here. Everyone does it, don't worry too much about it.
    I didn't do it on my last posting by the way, hence sp mistake.
  5. ...and the apostrophe...
  6. That's reassuring to hear. :) Thanks.
    I haven't even got my first international post yet! Just thinking of all the things that could be different to over here. I know there will be lots of differences but a good TA is invaluable!
    Oh and thanks for the preview tip!
  7. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    There are several angles to this question. Some TAs I've seen in the UK are useless, whilst others a excellent. Likewise, this can be the case in International Schools (IS).
    <u>Outside western countries</u>, you are likely to have someone with more a basic education relative to British TAs. Local teachers are often not worthy of comparison to a British TA and so IS TAs are usually even lower in the ability pecking order. Almost certainly not going to get a first language TA so I've seen situations where the teacher has struggled to get the TA to follow instructions to the letter. One place I came across the TAs were basically nannies taking the kids to the toilet, and even then they weren't responsible enough for that task.
    You also have schools where they won't employ TAs except for the nursery class.
    I'd advise you not to get your hopes up, but be happy if you're fortunate to get a good one.
  8. Oh well! I will have to hope that it is someone great but just get on with it and find a way to work with them if it is not someone so great! Thanks.
  9. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    My experience, which appears to differ to that voiced above, has been that there are no TAs in the classroom.
  10. I think that most of the schools I have looked at have had TAs in all the classrooms, but I am aware that this is also a possibility.

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