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TAs covering PPA

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Bronco, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. To put it simply regulations state that all classes must be assigned a qualified teacher to teach them. But that is contradicted by guidelines that say that support staff may be allowed to carry out specified work under the direction and supervision of a qualified teacher, But there are also indications that schools may use HLTAs for that purpose but nowhere does it say that TAs may do so. In fact the DfE has stated on many occasions that support staff and teachers are not interchangeable or that support staff should be used as substitutes for teachers.
    Nick Gibb has stated that headteachers should follow all the regulations and guidelines but he is being continually ignored. Furthermore the DfE has stated that if any individuals object to the way in which schools implement the regulations and guidelines they should make an official complaint to the school.
  2. I am a Level 3 teaching assistabt, but only payed as a level 2. I have covered ppa for teachers and taken classes when the teacher is absent, it annoys me that i am payed as a level 2 but when it suits the school they use me as a level 3.
  3. You should definately no do this if you are not being paid as a HLTA. On occasions I have done it then I have been paid extra by the hour. I understood that PPA time should be done by a HLTA only. If you are in a Union contact them and see what they say.... Sometimes just mentioning the union in conversation with staff may prompt them to lok at your pay.
    The trouble is each authority has their own rates of pay anyway. Crazy.
  4. Can't imagine that it goes down too well with parents. No disrespect to the fantastic LSAs we have but parents expect their children to be taught by a qualified teacher.

  5. PPA time is not cover since the teachers are not absent and that is when cover occurs.
  6. Hey
    I have covered PPa at a level 3 for two years now and I love it! Yep i don't get paid anywhere near what a supply would get and yep I put my heart and soul into it too....BUT I really enjoy having the class to myself and teaching in my style (bouncy,animated and fun). The children benefit from having such enthusiasm and I have a super time. My head is in full agreement that the children are in the best of care and the parents have known me(or of me) for many years and know how much I invest into the children...we all win, redtape and buracray aside.
    I havent a degree, so this is as far as I will ever get in education...BUT I give it my all, every day :eek:)x
  7. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    Dear god, what a nightmare. Don't those children deserve a teacher? You had one, doesn't a 21st century child deserve better than this. A degree has been a prerequisite since the 70s.
    But hey ho, you have a 'super time' so what the heck.
  8. Grolta

    Grolta New commenter

    As a level 3 STA I do many things but PPA cover is not one of them! Our HLTA covers PPA.
  9. PPA is not cover since no teacher is absent. It is a replacement of a qualified teacher.
  10. The way I see it is that if a TA is able/allowed to plan and teach even one lesson- and that is seen as acceptable by HT/SMT/Governors/whoever- then, by definition, teachers are not needed for any lesson.
    In fact, this was some of the 'thinking' in the previous decade. 1 teacher to supervise x number of TAs.
  11. Gosh......is this a Teaching Assistant forum, a place for T.A's to chat and swap ideas and tales or is it a place where we all try and catch each other out, cast aspersions and generally "poo poo" others?
    My response was that I cover PPA , I didn't decide to do it, march into my Head's office and tell her that that's what I wanted to do. I didn;t dream up the idea to cover 2 afternoons a week just to really tick of teachers! It's a small part of my working week...you'll all be happy to know that the rest of the time I am a mere FS T.A who sticks work in books and sharpens pencils :eek:)
    Yes I do have a super time, what on earth is wrong in stating that? Yes I do mark and assess the children's work and yup I also am observed often. I also eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, hoover underneath my bed and make sure my teenage daughter brushes her teeth twice a day.

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