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Target Tracker... P Scale or Profile Score???

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by fairydu5t, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. This is going to be introduced to my school in September so I'm unfamiliar to it at the moment, but someone metioned P Scales to me the other day and now I'm worried!!! Can anyone tell me if Target Tracker works from the FS Profile Score or P Scale?

  2. This is going to be introduced to my school in September so I'm unfamiliar to it at the moment, but someone metioned P Scales to me the other day and now I'm worried!!! Can anyone tell me if Target Tracker works from the FS Profile Score or P Scale?

  3. Hiya target tracker (if you have the foundation one) puts the children onto fs points which can thoretically be transfered onto levels when they enter year 1 if the school decides. Not sure if that really helps or answers your question
  4. ...are the fs points related to the profile or is it from a different assessment?
  5. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    relate to profile.........
  6. P scales are only relevant to children once they are on the Nat Curriculum - NOT Foundation's curriculum!!
  7. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    p Scales are for SEN children and shouldnt really be used in year 1 for those children who have not yet met all goals.............but they are.
  8. Someone mentioned to me briefly P Scales for target tracker, to which I said they are not intended for YrR assessment, but for SEN. However some staff are stubborn on this and want P Scales for no apparent reason. It's a relief to hear that Profile points are part of the target tracker to, so I'll make sure we do this instead. It's difficult when I'm not part of the training.

    Thanks everyone.
  9. Sorry to jump in, but I have been asked by my senco for p levels for the SEN children in my Reception class for the LA. How do p levels relate to ELGs? Can I say, for example that a child is P4 for reading if he scored less than 6 on the FSP? I am so confused!!!
  10. cinderella1

    cinderella1 New commenter

    you dont use p scales in reception and according to our LA advisors nor do you in year 1, instead you continue with elg's
  11. Now I'm really confused!!! I know P scales should't be used in foundation but have been told that they should be used for children in KS1 who have not reached level 1. Is that still the case? I have always thought it was a bit premature to give p scales to all non level 1 children. Then I was told only to use them for SEN children..which do I do?

    To make things even worse...... I spent hours (and I mean hours as I wasn;t sure what I should be doing!) assessing one of my children with p scales and came up with p4 for most areas. Filled this in on our tracking sheets to be told that it will be recorded as W. So poor child has progressed to P7 during year 2 and is still tracked as a W Perhaps that is why sen children don;t appear to be making progress!!!

  12. Not sure that P levels are the same thing as P scales! P levels are definitely before elgs as they go down to sensory level.....as in Blinks at loud noise etc
  13. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    Surely we shouldn't be using P scales in the FS?
  14. We shouldtn hence having our own curriculum!! Anyway i told the SENCO at school the other week they were not appopriate and the LA would highly disapprove of me wbeing expected to do them so she said fine when i explained we work on the FS curriculum and explained it all to her she was fine with it. Let YR1 worry about P scales and levels is my theory
  15. I am in a special school and use p levels from the word go as base line, my very cleverest don't achieve many elgs! But your right I still have to do a profile for each child of the correct age. What a waste of time when you know they can't achieve even when they are trying their very best.
  16. P scales should not be used unless SEN
    In Year 1 should continue with stepping stone until all ELG's achieved then move to KS1 levels. At least that's the understanding I have from my LA
  17. jlfrith

    jlfrith New commenter

    This year is the first year that P levels have to be reported at the end of KS1. They are purely for SN children but as I understand it they can be used in Y1 or lower where a child has already been identified as having Special Needs. There is more on the QCA website but this is a bit.....

    Subject to the outcome of the consultation being carried out by QCA, the P scales will be statutory in 2007. Schools will need to record the achievement of children with SEN using the P levels where they are working below level 1 of the national curriculum. P scales must be recorded in the core subjects of English, mathematics and science.

    P scales give guidance on planning, teaching and assessing the national curriculum for children with learning difficulties, including a set of eight levels leading up to national curriculum level 1.

    P scales are appropriate across key stage 1 and should be applied to children working towards national curriculum level 1 (ie level W) who have been identified as having special educational needs.

  18. I agree that for younger children we should be following the EYFS, so what do you use to monitor progress (not assess) for nursery age children with SEN especially as you someone pointed out that some of the children are not achieving the ELG's

  19. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Nursery children shouldn't be achieving ELGs these are for the end of reception.
    There is Target Tracker software for EYFS and lots of LAs have their own systems
  20. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    The message from my LA is NO P levels in FS. Some heads want to because it helps with tracking, but as a moderator I am told to tell them that this is not appropriate. We are also telling heads that EYFSP should be used WELL into Year 1 if pupils are still working below scale point 8. In my class I had one little boy last year who only achieved 2 as his total FS profile score (profound and complex needs) we found P levels steps were too big for him, in the past I've used PIVATs but with him I used the welsh assembly inclusion materials which were excellent (and they are available free.) I used this as an assessment scale for this little boy as his profile looked like he had achieved nothing - yet he had achieved so much between entering nursery and leaving Reception - eg showing recognition of a familiar adult by moving his head, reaching out for a toy when it is placed in front of him - all things he couldn't do and has needed lots of work on. However, that was for our school records and to show in his statement review that he had made some progress. Unless a child has severe special needs I would continue with EYFSP scores at least into the second term of Y1

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