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****** Tanzania refusing to honour medical certificate

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by liambrady, Nov 24, 2018.

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  1. liambrady

    liambrady New commenter

    hi all
    i had an injury at
    [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]- cutting my wrist trying to open a dodgy window
    school took me to very iffy (cheap) local hospital who sewed up the wrist without even noticing torn tendon/severed nerve
    i was worried at the time at the speed with which the op was done but was assured my a member of staff at the school who claims to be an RGN that they were doing a "great job".
    when i then later complained about excruciating pain was repeatedly told to wait and see and then sent back to same hospital who obviously game a thumbs up to their earlier operation - they later admitted they'd screwed up.
    ended up having to make own way to nairobi on a public bus in order to pay $3k for emergency surgery with a private specialist (the only one in whole of east africa) involving endless haggling with resolution health insurance who wanted to use one of their non-specialist panel doctors (cost $400)..ended up paying over $1k in taxis, hotels etc which neither the school nor their preferred insurers will reimburse.
    then had to spend another 10 hours on bus day after major surgery and was told to be in work a day and a half later
    having to work a full timetable i found that the nerve was not mending and went to a different hospital who were shocked that i was back in work so soon and immediately signed me off for 4 weeks, saying that if i worked i would lose the use of my left hand
    [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] is now refusing to honour the mc telling me that if i don't come in i won't get paid and the school are trying to get me out so that they can get a teacher with two hands in and avoid paying me over the long xmas holiday
    has anyone else had a similar experience with[This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] or in africa generally?
    does anyone know what redress i might have under TZ employment/workplace compensation law?
    obviously there are no unions in africa and so you really are at the mercy of school management who are obviously under huge pressure from their boards to keep cost down, even if, in my case, that means maiming their staff
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  2. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    You might be better posting this on the international jobs board - but remove all the names of school and head else your post will be taken down.
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  3. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    yes im in africa, and all i can say is that you ended up in a terrible school. some of your sweeping statements about africa and international schools in general are just wrong. i have amazing private medical coverage and can be treated anywhere in the world that i choose. im sorry about your situation, but this really would not have happened in a decent school, and there are plenty in africa.
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  4. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    Do you not have medical insurance? Either personal or provided by the school? Surely this would cover everything you have had done?
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  5. CWadd

    CWadd Star commenter

    If the HT is trying to get you out, you may have to leave. Come back and get your wrist treated, then think about what you want to do next. From what you've written, it sounds as though its going to end badly.

    I've also just been able to google your school based on the details. Which means anyone googling it will be able to read this thread. Don't post details of your school - if your HT reads it I doubt they'll be pleased.
  6. fundisi

    fundisi New commenter

    Gosh you’re going to need a TZ law specialist - are you a TZ national or an expat? The only thing you’ve got is your contract of employment - study it thoroughly. If they want you out they’ll pull your visa - happened to my wife in Kenya. If you are an expat I’d like to hear more about working in TZ if you have the time. Go well.
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  7. lili85745

    lili85745 New commenter

    I would not blame the school but headmaster you mentioned has more things on his back. Two people from many that he fired because of funny reasons, won court with him and were paid back. I hope more will be that courageous, because if somebody puts as a reason that there was mistake made in your contract...and you just loose your job that you loved for years, it is more than serious. Pregnant teacher with high quality results for years..fired and many others.
    After serious problems with my heart and longer stay in hospital he refused that I want to come back, inspide of fact my contract was still running. Our house was emptied and in skype conversation I was told nobody is expecting me there anymore. My son for this reason missed his IGCSE exams. I was without salary for half of the year. Simillar thing with man working for school for many years.. [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] did not sign his work permit so he was traped in his country while his wife and familly were starving in campus. He took salary for himself.
    Teachers crying when dismissed without reason..That is current [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions] under this headmaster supervision.
  8. lili85745

    lili85745 New commenter

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