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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bundalph, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. bundalph

    bundalph New commenter

    Thanks Beachnut! From what you have posted, it looks as though I am kind of on the right track!! I completely agree with your point about consistency. I think teacher training is very helpful for parenting! There is nothing worse than hearing parents out saying "Johnny don't do that" in a very disengaged sort of voice, then not following through. I am persisting with the stern voice and face in the hopes that she gets to recognise it eventually. I have myself worn ragged getting up to pull her away from the dvd player but, like you say, if I don't keep doing it, she won't realise that I really mean it when I say "no". I like the idea of taking my sails out of her wind. Sticking the clean nappy on her head seems to help at changing times.
    Thanks also for reassuring me that it is a normal phase. Today my lovely, sweet natured little girl was a bit of a horror!!! She will hopefully grow out of it.
  2. We use a lot of distraction in our house. Lo is 20 months and can throw killer tantrums if I don't catch it quick enough. (I think I may be sporting a black eye in the morning as she headbutted me accidentally during a tantrum today)We do a lot of singing at nappy times, the wheels on the bus and old McDonald are firm favourites.
    It is normal, and I think it stems from frustration about not being able to do everything she wants to do. I find that if she's in one of those moods a walk always helps, stick her in the buggy and off we go, or now she's a bit older I let her walk.
  3. Bundalph your point about the DVD player reminded me of something that was really helpful to me - we only moved into our house when she was 6 months so set it up to be appropriate for her upcoming crawling / cruising stage. Our TV is high on top of a cupboard unit, as is freeview box etc. One big cupboard is for her - she is free to open it and choose toys etc. Another identical cupboard is ours and has child locks on doors. Sofa is across a big under stairs 'alcove' where we store lots of stuff (lean over it or move it forward slightly to get at it all). So there were hardly any things we had to say no to in the living room. I found it so much easier - when out and about / at friends (or in bathroom!) etc I felt like I was constantly saying no and it caused tension and tantrums. Boundaries still set but didn't have to plug at everything all day.

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