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Talking textiles and WW2

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tkinchin, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hi - I've spent ages looking for inspiration for my topic unit next term for year 5. I want to plan a cross-curricular unit around children in WW2, shelters and talking textiles. I'm struggling to find a main idea to base the talking textiles bit around. I know the unit is about depicting a story through textiles, but Finding a link to ww2 is proving difficult. Has anyone done this before or got any bright ideas!? Maybe the Blitz but just not sure how to approach it! Thanks!
  2. Each child in my class made their own square of fabric depicting something war related then as a class we sewed them together to make a wartime patchwork quilt. They loved sewing, especially the boys!
  3. there's a timeline to get from classdisplays.co.uk for WWII
  4. Great idea - thank you! Out of interest what fabric did you use for their pieces of squares? Was thinking cotton, taken from a sheet then they can sew anything on it easily, what do you think?
  5. The timeline looks great - thanks!
  6. I taught WW 2 to Y5/6 class last year and linked textiles to "Make do and Mend" aspect of war. Children used fabric scraps to plan, design and make a hand puppet. Then they worked in groups to write a mini play script that was performed to the Year 2 class.
    Puppets were not linked to WW2 if they did not want them to be but I had some lovely examples of dog handpuppets sheltering from a bombing raid in a WW2 shelter! Hope this helps!
  7. Was thinking cotton, taken from a sheet then they can sew anything on it easily, what do you think?[​IMG]

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